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Magento 2 SAP B1 connector installation and setup

Magento 2 SAP B1 connector installation and setup

Magento 2 SAP B1 Connector Installation and Setup

It’s always confusing to choose an e-commerce platform to set up an online store for your business.

The most popular e-commerce platform on the web right now is Magento2.

It is highly customizable, allowing retailers to add only those plugins they want for their business.

Optimize your store with Sap B1 Magento2 Connector for smooth functioning.


What is SAP B1?

In simpler terms, SAP Business One® is an affordable solution to manage your entire business – from accounting to purchasing to inventory to sales.

An all-in-one single solution to streamline key processes and gain greater insight into your business to make informed decisions based on real-time information.


SAP B1 Magento 2 Integration:

Our SAP B1 Magento2 Connector delivers integrations that are fast, simple, and affordable.

Our SAP B1 Magento 2 Connector helps in syncing order, category, product, and customer data in real time.


What are the key benefits of using SAP B1 Magento 2 connector?

  • Incorporates e-commerce with the SAP platform seamlessly.
  • Provides a hassle-free environment by configuring SAP-centric concepts.
  • It provides faster, more accurate access to the customer’s information.


Real-time data sync with our SAP B1 Magento 2 connector:

You can reap the benefits of the SAP B1 Magento 2 connector without the hassle at an affordable price point.

Delivering real-time integration in minutes, our integration platform allows you to integrate Magento2 data elements with SAP Business One seamlessly.

  • Synchronizes customer and account information
  • Automatically synchronizes data between Magento 2 and SAP Business One
  • Synchronizes online orders with SAP Business One
  • Sync orders, customers & fulfilments
  • Inventory synchronization
  • Increase your productivity, data accuracy, and business efficiency


1 You can export all categories, products, customers(business partners) and orders from Magento2 to SAP B1.
2 Option to select “Price List” and “Currency” for product creation at SAP B1.
3 Option to choose the desired warehouse for inventory and stock value storage at SAP B1.
4 You can select “Shipping Method”, “Sales Employee” and “Due Date” for order(s) sync.
5 Option to choose pre-existing “Business Partner” or create a new “Business Partner” in the configuration view to sync orders.
6 Tax mapping option is available.
7 Real-time sync for categories, products, orders and customers.

Enter your configuration details and click on “Verify and Save Connection” as shown below.


Category Sync:

This is how categories can be synced from Magento 2 to SAP Business One.



Product Synchronization:

Products synced in real-time.


Order sync:

Data synced in real-time for order management.


Tax field mapping:

The feature of mapping the tax fields between Magento2 and SAP B1 is also available in our application.

Category and product sync at SAP B1:

*Note* – The synchronization of Categories and Products from SAP B1 to Magento 2 end can be done using Chrone Job.

This SAP B1 Magento2 connector is Unidirectional (Magento 2 to SAP B1). For bidirectional synchronization, you can request customization.



Our SAP B1 Magento2 connector is an affordable solution for your business.

Our integration manages all inventory, and fulfillment, and synchronizes customer data, sales orders, and product info automatically.

Connect your store with our SAP B1 Magento2 Connector right away to reduce manual data glitches.

That’s it for our SAP B1 Magento2 Connector integration. Moreover, if you have any doubts or queries regarding the add-on, get back to us at [email protected] or create a ticket at our HelpDesk System.


Current Product Version – Version 1.0



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