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Exotel CTI Salesforce Integration

Exotel CTI integration with Salesforce is a virtual contact center solution, aims to provide this easy, efficient and interactive integration which not just settles by intelligently handling your calls to and from the customers also agents picking calls. The easiest way to manage your business processes is to let your business processes ‘talk’. Using Exotel CTI connector in Salesforce, any customer data that’s associated with an incoming phone number automatically pops up on your screen. Whenever a customer calls, their information appears front and center for your support agents so that agents have everything they need to help the customer. No more time spent searching, scrolling, or clicking for information about a customer.

Enable you to create a call center in your Salesforce Org

Drag and drop interface and option to document every call

Call Tracking: Keeps a track of every Conversations

Enable you both inbound and outbound calling

Provide you an option to generate Missed calls as a Lead

Go Wireless: Say no to wires and Servers

Save cost by process Automations

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