Salesforce Exotel CTI Integration

Salesforce Exotel CTI Integration helps you to sync all your calling data into your Salesforce account. You just have to integrate Exotel and Salesforce by doing some configurations. After that, you will be able to see all the information in your Salesforce Sales Cloud account. The information includes the details of incoming calls, outgoing calls, call recordings, missed calls, on-call time, call pickup and hang-up time, etc. This data helps you to know more about your business and lets you decide on which part of your business you are required to do work. There is a call pop-up setup on your screen. Whenever you receive a call it opens up Log Panel on your screen and shows an incoming call. With this, you can also dial an outgoing call or add a new caller to your record.

Exotel Salesforce Integration

Features of Exotel CTI :

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Enable you to create a call center in your Salesforce Org

Drag and drop interface and option to document every call

Call Tracking: Keeps a track of every Conversations

Enable you both inbound and outbound calling

Provide you an option to generate Missed calls as a Lead

Go Wireless: Say no to wires and Servers

Save cost by process Automations

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