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Quickbooks Extension


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QuickBooks & Salesforce Integration

Be Ready to avail unified synchronization between QuickBooks & Salesforce. It is enhancing features of QuickBooks and CRM platform with the concept of service first approach. It enables you to sync categories, Products, Customers, Workers & Orders from QuickBooks to Salesforce CRM.

Synchronize QuickBooks data at Salesforce end to avail CRM benefits

Synchronization of Categories from QuickBooks to Salesforce end

Customers synchronization as Accounts and Contacts at Salesforce end

Orders and Products synchronization to manage unlimited products and Inventory

Provides unified Salesforce platform to manage both QuickBooks and CRM data

Salesforce Centric configuration concept to avail hassle free environment

Users concept to track placed Orders and their info

Interactive design with user interface at Salesforce end adding on effective data utilization

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