Amazon Payment Services For Salesforce B2C Commerce

Empower your business with our integration application that provides a convenient and secure way to process payments.

Amazon Payment Services For Salesforce B2C Commerce

Now integrate Amazon Payment Services into your Salesforce B2C Commerce store for smooth payment processing.

The “Amazon Payment Services for Salesforce B2C Commerce” application offers a seamless and secure payment solution for businesses looking to enhance their online transactions.

With this integration, companies can leverage the power of Amazon’s trusted payment platform within their Salesforce B2C Commerce environment. The application supports the base currency of your eCommerce site. It provides a secure payment process without any hassle.

It accepts the multi-cards such as Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. The payment process becomes easy globally as it accepts the global card network.

By utilizing Amazon Payment Services, businesses can provide customers with familiar and convenient payment options. This increases customer satisfaction as well as boosts conversion rates by streamlining the checkout process.

It is mainly available in 9 countries across the MENA region: UAE, Egypt, Qatar, KSA, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait, and Jordan.

Additionally, the robust fraud protection measures offered by Amazon help mitigate risks associated with online payments, giving businesses and customers peace of mind. Overall, integrating Amazon Payment Services into Salesforce B2C Commerce provides a reliable and efficient way to optimize e-commerce operations while meeting the needs of today’s digital consumers.

Features Highlight


Supports Sites base currency, to be considered as the payment base currency.


Secure Payments process, using SHA/HMAC hashing algorithms


Supports common global card networks including America Express, Mastercard, and Visa.


Easy payment processing and it won’t store any customer’s card information.


Admin can choose the responses for placed orders received from Amazon Payment Services.


The available selected responses can be mapped for specific orders.

Benefits of Amazon Payment Services for Salesforce B2C Commerce


Streamlined checkout process: By offering customers an easy way to pay through Amazon accounts, businesses can reduce cart abandonment rates and increase conversion rates.


Secure transactions: With APS handling all payment processing, businesses can rest assured that their customer’s confidential information is safe and secure.


Increased customer trust: As Amazon is a widely recognized and trusted brand, customers are more likely to feel comfortable making purchases through APS.


Real-time order updates: The integration allows for real-time updates on order status, providing businesses with better visibility and control over their online sales.


Simplified financial management: With all payments being processed through APS, businesses can easily track and manage their finances within Salesforce B2C Commerce.


Trustworthy Fraud Protection: By utilizing their payment services, businesses can benefit from this expertise and protect themselves from potential financial losses due to fraud.


Customer Experience and Convenience: With Amazon Payment Services, customers can feel confident in their transactions, leading to increased trust and loyalty towards your business.


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