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PrestaShop Pardot Connector

PrestaShop Pardot Connector helps you to sync all your PrestaShop store data into your Pardot account. You can do bulk transfer in one go using this connector. With this, you can also map the PrestaShop data to the campaigns that are at Pardot’s end. The entities that you can easily sync contact us, customer, newsletter subscribers, and order’s customer as a Prospect. 


What are the features of the PrestaShop Pardot Connector?

Features are listed here:-

1. Synchronize Contact Us from PrestaShop to Pardot.

2. Synchronize Order’s customer from PrestaShop to Pardot.

3. Synchronize Newsletter Subscriber from PrestaShop to Pardot.

4. Synchronize Customers from PrestaShop to Pardot.

5. You can easily enable and disable real-time sync.

6. There are views for each object properly that are:-

                   1. Search

                   2. Filter

                   3. Sort

7. Create campaigns on Pardot using the connector itself.

8. There is an option to choose different campaigns for synced PrestaShop objects.

9. You can enable or disable the option of Pardot which is “Allow Multiple Prospect using Same Email Address” configuration.


It integrates the e-commerce with the Pardot platform seamlessly.


Helps to get leads in Pardot platform from the Contact Us form of the e-commerce.


It provides faster, more accurate access to the customer's information & history.


Provides hassle-free environment by configuring Pardot-centric concept.


It helps to store all customers and financial data at one place.

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