Salesforce Application

Salesforce Application

Install Application at Salesforce end

Cs-Cart Extension

Cs-Cart Extension

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Application is a collaboration between CS-Cart and Salesforce

This magnificent extension is an association merging between CS-Cart and Salesforce. It is the next generation extension revamping the features of ecommerce and CRM platform. At very initial stage the basic CS-Cart content is being synchronized with Salesforce to give a new picture to the concept of B2B and B2C. The idea behind the concept is to increase data integrity, maintain proper inventory of stock, real time order generation, provide a brilliant customer care services and much more.

Bi directional Synchronization is possible from CS-Cart end

Manual Synchronization of orders and products from salesforce to CS-Cart

Real time order synchronization from Cs-cart to salesforce

Gathers and analyzes customers, products data at Salesforce end

Cloud computing service is used for enabling global network to shared pool

Order synchronization is possible for guest and deleted users

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