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Magento 2 Salesforce Commerce Cloud connector helps you to sync your Magento 2 data with Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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Magento 2 Salesforce Commerce Cloud Connector

The Magento 2 Salesforce Commerce Cloud connector helps you to sync your Magento 2 data with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. It works as a powerful tool between Magento 2 and Salesforce Commerce Cloud to reach more customers and grow business. With the help of real-time synchronization, it provides a unified customer experience and brand loyalty.

Magento 2 is an open-source eCommerce platform that builds multiple channel commerce experiences for B2C and B2B customers in one place. When it comes to Salesforce, it is difficult to put the entire system in a box that is ready for installation, especially when you consider the breadth of its expertise, which includes customer administration, sales, marketing, and business ecosystems.

That is why we came up with the Magento2 Salesforce Commerce Cloud connector to provide a better experience by synchronizing the data so that you can easily craft your customer experience, maintain your brand loyalty, grow faster, etc.

What connector allows you to synchronize between Magento 2 Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

The specific data that you can synchronize using the connector that helps you to target the correct audience and get to know where you have to put your efforts. The synchronizations that you can do are as follows:-


  1. To get benefit, synchronize e-commerce data at the Salesforce end.
  2. Synchronizes customers from Magento 2 to Salesforce Cloud.
  3. Syncing products to handle an endless number of products inventory.
  4. Sync Orders to track and manage all order types.
  5. Offers a single Salesforce platform to manage both Commerce Cloud and eCommerce data.
  6. Effective data usage is added by interactive design and user experience at the Salesforce end.


What are the benefits that you get after synchronizing data using the Magento 2 Salesforce Commerce Cloud ?

When you are done with synchronizing the data after that you get the benefits that are mentioned below:-

Process Automation: Understand your clients so you can influence them effectively. Manage all the account information in one straightforward framework. With notifications provided from Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can always be aware of any changes. With the least amount of administrative work possible, import and export items, and customer data to maintain an unbroken sales cycle.

Increase in Sales: Increased sales are the result of data synchronization between your store and the Salesforce Commerce Cloud and managing all orders as quickly as possible with fewer hassles. Streamlined purchasing procedure to make transactions more user-friendly. Boost client contentment, advance your credibility, and observe an increase in sales.

Use the Magento 2 Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration and grow your business. For any query or doubt, connect with the eShopSync helpdesk team through email or live chat experts.

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