Magento2 SAP Integration

SAP Sync
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                                                        Top Notch Features

This is an extremely impressive extension that provides a unified synchronization of your Magento2 store with SAP B1. It syncs the categories, products, customers, and orders of your Magento2 store with SAP B1. It is extending the options of e-commerce and SAP ERP platform with the idea of a service-first approach.

Tax mapping option is available.

You can export all categories, products, customers(business partners) and orders from Magento2 to SAP B1.

Real-time sync for categories, products, orders and customers.

Option to choose pre-existing "Business Partner" or create a new "Business Partner" in the configuration view to sync orders.

You can select "Shipping Method", "Sales Employee" and "Due Date" for order(s) sync

Option to choose the desired warehouse for inventory and stock value storage at SAP B1

Option to select "Price List" and "Currency" for product creation at SAP B1.

Benefits of using SAP

  • Provides a unified platform for scattered conversations.
  • You can select audience and create unique journey based on their interaction.
  • You can plan, personalize and optimize customer journey at the right moment.
  • You can get customized solution for the requirements of your business.
  • SAP provides various analytical features, such as evaluating performance, reporting and decision making.