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Salesforce consulting services are aimed to support your sales, marketing and customer service needs. We apply our ample CRM consulting experience to help companies in professional services, retail, IT, manufacturing, finance and banking, healthcare, and other industries benefit from Salesforce use.

Salesforce Consultant
Why should Hire Salesforce Consultant

Why should you hire a Salesforce Consultant?

Whenever you are planning to implement a Salesforce solution in your organization or Business process, a certified consulting team would be the best option, because they can bring some new insights, minimize the valuable time required to get used to working with Salesforce products and also educate your team / employees.

There are a few major reasons which bring some light on why you should hire a certified consultant:

1. Data-driven decision-making process: With the help of a certified expert team, you can tweak the CRM to get only those reports which are required by your business scenario.

2. Quality Analysis: An experienced team checks all the setup in real-time use cases.

3. Crete all-in-one management environment: You can eliminate other 3rd party software which reduces the operation cost and you can get all the work done with a single solution with the help of a certified consultant.

4. Custom Software package: With the help of a certified consultant team, you can customize the standard Salesforce product you are having that suits your business operation in the best possible manner.

5. Training session: You can also educate and train your employees about the Salesforce solutions with the help of the consultant team. So that your team can manage in case of an emergency or reduce the future dependency on standard operations.

Why choose us?

Certified consultant team ( Average 3X certification)

AppExchange Creast (Gold) Partners

Dedicated development team

Extensive expertise in training and implementation

Quality analyst team

Select a plan to hire a Salesforce


  • 1000 USD
  • Salesforce Admin Training


  • 1500 USD
  • Salesforce Admin Consultation & Implementation(set-up)


  • 2000 USD
  • Salesforce Advance admin consultant & Implementation


  • 3000 USD
  • Salesforce custom development

Terms and Conditions

- Mode of Communication: Email, ERP, Google meet/zoom calls.

- Working hours will be 9 am to 6 pm IST. Overlapping US times can be accommodated.

- For training of the same role within same organization individual training will be not entertained.

- For multiple admin role training within the same organization the time slot would be the same each day.

- If the project gets cancelled in the mid of the subscription period then the amount will not be refundable.

- If a project gets assigned to a developer the scope of the work cannot be changed until the subscription ends.

- For the 2nd and 3rd plans, implementation or setup would be done only for a single Org. For more Orgs, extra charges will be applicable.

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