BigCommerce Salesforce Connector

BigCommerce Salesforce integration can be easily done using the BigCommerce Salesforce connector that helps you to sync data automatically. The data that can be synced conveniently are Products, orders, Customers, and Categories from BigCommerce to Salesforce Sales Cloud. You can also sync the data of all entities on a real-time basis. When you install this connector then configure it at both ends and start syncing your data. After that, you can easily filter your data at the Salesforce end according to your requirements to focus on your business growth.

Bigcommerce Salesforce Integration

What are the benefits of using BigCommerce Salesforce Connector?

1. Sync categories from BigCommerce to Salesforce.

2. Sync Customers as Accounts and Contacts from BigCommerce to Salesforce.

3. The concept of configuration is Salesforce-centric to get a problem-free environment.

4. Unified Salesforce platform to get that helps in managing CRM and eCommerce data.

5. Orders and Products sync from BigCommerce to Salesforce so you can manage your products and inventories.

6. It has an interactive and user-friendly design at the Salesforce end that affects data utilization.

7. You can avail of CRM benefits by syncing data from eCommerce to a Salesforce account.  

8. To track the placed orders and their information use the Guest user concept.

Synchronize e-Commerce data at Salesforce end to avail CRM benefits

Synchronization of Categories from BigCommerce to Salesforce end

Customers synchronization as Accounts and Contacts at Salesforce end

Orders and Products synchronization to manage unlimited products and Inventory

Provides unified Salesforce platform to manage both e-Commerce and CRM data

Salesforce Centric configuration concept to avail hassle free environment

Guest Users concept to track placed Orders and their info

Interactive design with user interface at Salesforce end adding on effective data utilization



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Connect eCommerce to Salesforce

Its very easy to connect your eCommerce store to salesforce. Follow these Screenshots. Click on User Guide to get detailed info.

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