ChimpConnect- Mailchimp Salesforce Integration

ChimpConnect is a Salesforce Mailchimp Integration that helps to sync data automatically from MailChimp to Salesforce. It acts as a bridge between both so that users can automatically sync data. It helps them to change opportunities into leads. You can sync your campaigns, audience, leads, contacts, and segments. The campaign reports can also be monitored such as open, count, send, clicks, etc. You are required to install the connector that you can easily get it from the Salesforce Appexchange into the Salesforce Org.

Salesforce Mailchimp integration

What are the features of Mailchimp Salesforce Integration?

The features are as follows:-

  1. Synchronizes audience from Mailchimp to Salesforce.

  2. You can perform your Mailchimp action from Salesforce org.

  3. Synchronizes segments from Mailchimp to Salesforce.

  4. Synchronization of members as leads and contacts from Mailchimp to Salesforce.

  5. Synchronizes campaigns from Mailchimp to Salesforce.

  6. The design of application is interactive with a great user interface at Salesforce’s end.

  7. You can sync multiple audiences.

  8. Real-time data synchronizes of Mailchimp subscribers and unsubscribers.

Synchronizes the Mailchimp audience to Salesforce Org

Multiple audiences can be synchronized.

It provides the option to start the campaign from Salesforce Org.

Ability to perform all the Mailchimp action at Salesforce Org.

Ability to add Salesforce Contact as a Member to the List

Real-time Updation of MailChimp Subscribers and Unsubscribers at Salesforce end



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