About eShopSync

The need of CRM is expanding in order to take a forward view of your business with improved customer intimacy. In this order, eShopSync is the next generation application to extend the limits of eCommerce to the CRM boundaries. Provided, in collaboration with different eCommerce platform like CS-Cart, Magento, etc. You can synchronize your products, categories, orders and customers directly from your eCommerce store to Salesforce. This magnificent application puts your eCommerce store not only in the reach of CRM benefits but also helps to gain more revenue and customer satisfaction.

It provides manual synchronization of product, categories, customer and automatic synchronization of order in real time. This information in Salesforce can prove very useful. With the support of CRM tools we can create repeatable successful processes, Hence providing a better support handling with improved service approach. Using Bi-directional sync (available in some platform) we can maintain integrity of data by keeping it at both ends.

eShopSync integrates eCommerce with Salesforce to provide an enhanced and streamlined perspective for B2B and B2C Marketing. You can import all the information from eCommerce to Salesforce and create real time orders in Salesforce and eCommerce both with improved product management, Tracking System, Customer Support and Case Management. Choose your platform, eg:, CS-Cart, Magento and save settings. Work with Platform oriented tabs and views to deliver best to your customers. Keep the data updated, integrated and accurate.

This multi-Platform connector helps organizations to generate maximum revenue. Salesforce Oriented Lead Management to provide best Conversion. Bidirectional order management helps to maintain integrity of data and also maintains transparency between Stock Management. It helps in rapport building with customers and make them recurring always. With the detailed information gathered using eShopSync, one can enable targeted marketing, product development, and sales activities.

Webkul is now partner with Salesforce

Webkul is Salesforce ISV(Independent Software Vendor) Partner. Webkul develops different sets of eCommerce Connectors and Integration for Salesforce CRM.

Webkul is new class of ERP and eCommerce development company which serves commitment via competence and competitiveness of its clients by helping them succeed in eCommerce platform.

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