Salesforce SAP Connector

Salesforce SAP Connector acts as a bridge between SAP and the Salesforce platform. The connector helps you to sync data of entities such as Products list, Customers, Invoices, and Sales order data. You can do real-time data sync as well from SAP to the Salesforce account and then check your business insights using the dashboard. The insights help you to know in which area you have to work more to get it balanced and lead it to grow.

This integration helps you to streamline your business processes for better customer interactions and user experiences.


List of features using Salesforce SAP Connector

The features of the Salesforce SAP connector are as follows:-

1. Smooth integration using Salesforce Lightning Experience.

2. Your Order Management process got automated.

3. It is also compatible with the Salesforce 1 mobile application.

4. The intuitive user experience when syncing real-time data from SAP to Salesforce.

5. Syncs Products list from SAP to Salesforce account.

Real-time Synchronization of SAP with Salesforce via an intuitive user experience

Automates Oder Management Processes

Sync Product Lists between SAP and Salesforce

Seamless integration with Salesforce Lightning Application

Compatible with Salesforce 1 Mobile Application

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