Opencart Salesforce Connector

The Opencart Salesforce Connector synchronizes your Opencart eCommerce platform data to your Salesforce CRM account. With the help of this connector, users can handle customers, products, categories, and orders from Opencart to Salesforce Sales cloud in a convenient way. The concept’s goals include generating orders on real-time bases, improving data integrity, offering excellent customer service, keeping accurate stock inventories, and many other things. It is compatible with the Salesforce editions such as Professional, developer, unlimited, enterprise, and Users have to do the connector configuration at Salesforce’s end.

salesforce opencart integration

What are the features of Salesforce Connector?

The features user get after integrating  Salesforce Connector are as follows:-

1. Automatically real-time synchronization of Orders, products, customers, and categories.

2. The categories can be synchronized in 3 ways by the admin. The 3 ways are Child, Parent, and All categories sync.

3. The synchronization button color changes to red when you have do any changes.

4. On Salesforce’s end, the admin can check the documents and leads on a real-time basis.

5. Admin Synchronizes all the products or enables the products option.

6. Create a directory in Salesforce to save the images of products and categories.

7. The customers or enabled customers can be synchronized by the admin.

8. On the Opencart Salesforce connector dashboard, the admin can go through all the activities of synchronization.

9. Synchronization of Orders from Opencart store to Salesforce Sales cloud account.

10. Synchronization of Categories from Opencart store to Salesforce Sales cloud account.

11. Synchronization of Customers from Opencart store to Salesforce Sales cloud account.

12. Synchronization of Products from Opencart store to Salesforce Sales cloud account.

What are the things done by Admin in this connector?

A few things that the admin can do are listed below:-

1. The Salesforce details such as API and Username are entered by the admin.

2. Select the number of slots that needs to synchronize.

3. A module can be enabled and disabled by the admin.

4. Select the folder to save the images into Salesforce.

5. Choice of Client type and Price book done by admin.

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Real time order generation and Manual synchronization of products and categories.

Users are synchronized as Accounts and Contacts at Salesforce end

Admin can see all the synchronization activity at Opencart Dashboard

Create targeted customer segments directly in Salesforce by using data from OpenCart.

Contact generated via contact us form will act as Lead in Salesforce

Cloud computing service is used for enabling global network to shared pool.

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