Virtual Try On for Salesforce B2C Commerce

Enhance your customer experience by adding it to your eCommerce store.

In the world of virtual technology, we have launched a SaaS-based solution Virtual Try On for Salesforce B2C Commerce. The application benefits store owners as they provide a virtual experience to their users. With this, your users can try and buy the products and get it all done from their comfort zone.

You will have 2 formats in the application that are 2D- Image format and 3D- Video format. In 2D- image format users can either upload or capture the image. In 3D- video format users have to capture the video for a better experience.

The latest version is 1.0.0. It is compatible with all devices and browsers as well.

Features Highlights


Real-time image processing and augmentation.


Virtual Try On for eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses.

3D Try On

Upload the right, left, and center images for 3D Try On for product visuals on all view angles.

product list pages

Option to show Try On images in product list pages which helps to choose suitable products.


No dependency on the server as all AI models run in the client browser.

safe and secure

It provides a safe and secure app because it never stores user data on the server.

Note: It also prioritizes user data privacy and security by not storing any user information on its server; instead, all data remains on the user’s system where the application is running. This fosters trust among users for your eCommerce website.

Benefits of Virtual Try On for Salesforce B2C Commerce


Virtual Try On for Salesforce B2C Commerce captures customers’ attention by offering them an interactive and engaging shopping experience.


With this technology, customers can virtually “try on” multiple products quickly and easily from the comfort of their own homes.


The ability to visualize how a product will look on them significantly increases customers’ confidence in their purchase decisions.


Businesses can expect to see an increase in conversion rates, by providing customers with a more accurate representation of how a  product will look on them.


It helps reduce return rate numbers by giving customers a better idea of how the product will look like before making a purchase.


Virtual Try On for Salesforce B2C Commerce leads to more satisfied customers and fewer returns.


Making it a cost-effective solution for businesses by offering virtual try-on, that can save on costs associated with returns, exchanges, and inventory management.


This increases customer engagement with your brand as they spend more time exploring and interacting with your products.

Some More Features

  1. Customizable user interface.
  2. Encourage customers to use the Virtual Try On feature to preview eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses.
  3. Compatibility with Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud.
  4. Allows high-quality Images to be uploaded and provides top-quality images.
  5. Your Customers have the option to upload the image and capture the image in 2D format. For 3D format, they can capture the video. 
  6. Option to crop images while uploading.

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Virtual Try On for Salesforce B2C Commerce

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