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SAP WordPress WooCommerce Integration

Integrate your WooCommerce store with SAP Business One using the SAP WordPress WooCommerce connector. Save your time and effort involved in manual data entry to avoid the hassle of data entry errors and order mix-ups. With this connector, users can automatically sync their real-time data of orders, products, categories, and customers in the SAP ERP. The connector delivers simple and fast integration at a reasonable price.

With minimal difficulty and reasonable cost, you can take advantage of the interface between SAP Business One and WooCommerce. Our connection platform enables you to effortlessly link WooCommerce data components with SAP Business One while delivering real-time integration in a matter of minutes. Easily integrates e-commerce with the SAP platform. Configures SAP-centric principles to provide a hassle-free environment. It offers access to the customer’s information and history more quickly and accurately.


Magento2 SAP Connector


What are the features of using SAP WordPress WooCommerce connector?

Here is the list of features that users can avail of when they use this connector:-

1. The Product and Inventory information can sync easily.

2. Real-time data synchronization from WooCommerce and SAP B1.

3. Catalog details are manageable such as Name, Price, Description, and more in your SAP B1.

4. It is an integrated solution that saves your manual effort, cost, energy, and time.

5. Syncs real-time Orders and Customers from WooCommerce to SAP Business One.

6. Configure SAP-centric concept for a hassle-free environment.

7. No errors and no duplicate data with automated data entry systems.

8. You can access Customer information faster.


It incorporates e-commerce with the SAP platform seamlessly.


You can easily sync all your product and inventory information from WooCommerce to SAP Business One.


It transfers orders and customers to SAP Business One ERP in real time.


Provides hassle-free environment by configuring SAP-centric concept.


It provides faster, more accurate access to the customer’s information.


A cost-effective integrated solution saving manual time efforts and energy.


Minimize chances of errors with automated data entry systems.


Manage catalog details like Name, Description, Price, etc in SAP Business One.


Real-time Data Sync with Our WooCommerce & SAP Business One Integration.