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Xero Salesforce Integration is a powerful cloud-based application native to Salesforce, which enables companies to quickly and easily integrate their Xero accounting data with Salesforce CRM. This powerful integration provides companies with a single, unified view of their customer data and financial information, eliminating the need to switch between multiple systems and allowing them to make faster and better-informed decisions.

With Xero Salesforce Integration, companies can easily synchronize contacts, products and services, invoices, quotes, and bills from Xero to Salesforce. The application also offers field mapping, matching criteria to prevent record duplication, and the ability to schedule daily product imports from Xero to Salesforce. This makes it easy to move large amounts of data quickly and accurately, ensuring that your data is up-to-date and consistent across both systems.

Overall, it is a great way to streamline the flow of information between your Xero accounting system and Salesforce CRM. Simplifying the synchronization process makes it easier for companies to get the most out of their data, improving the efficiency and accuracy of their decision-making.

The application can be purchased, installed, and configured in Salesforce Org, with the configuration including object settings, field mapping, and matching criteria to ensure successful synchronization of data in real-time, or daily. You can check out the User Guide of Xero Salesforce Connector to do the installation, and configuration easily.


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Features Of Xero To Salesforce Integration : 


List of features that you get while using eShopSync for Xero:


1. Integrate accounting data on Xero to Salesforce.

2. Integrate bulk amount of data from Xero to Salesforce.

3. Synchronize contacts as accounts and contacts in Salesforce.

4. Real-time synchronization of data from Xero to Salesforce.

5. Synchronize products and services from Xero to Salesforce.

6. Synchronize invoices, quotes, and bills from Xero to Salesforce.

7. Option to schedule daily product import from Xero to Salesforce.

8. Field Mapping from Xero to Salesforce.

9. Matching Criteria to prevent record duplication.

Benefits Of Integrating Xero And Salesforce:

The Xero Salesforce Integration offers a range of powerful benefits that can help you streamline your business operations and improve your bottom line.


Some of the key benefits of this integration include:


1. Automated data transfer: It enables automatic data transfer between Xero and Salesforce, ensuring that all customer and financial data is kept up-to-date and accurate on both platforms.

2. Improved financial visibility: You can view customer financial data, invoices, and payment information in Salesforce, providing you with a complete picture of your customer’s financial history and allowing you to make more informed sales decisions.

3. Streamlined invoicing: You can create and send invoices directly from Salesforce, with all invoice details automatically synced to Xero.

4. Simplified reporting: It allows you to create financial reports that include data from both Xero and Salesforce, simplifying your reporting process and giving you a more comprehensive view of your business performance.

5. Increased efficiency: By automating data transfer and streamlining invoicing and reporting, Xero Salesforce Integration can help you save time and reduce the risk of data entry errors.

6. Better customer experience: By having access to up-to-date financial information in Salesforce, your sales team can provide a more personalized and tailored experience to your customers.

Xero Salesforce Integration helps you simplify your business operations, improve financial visibility, and enhance your customer experience. If you are interested in integrating then get the Xero Salesforce Connector from AppExchange.



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