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Xero Salesforce Connector

Xero Salesforce Connector


User Guide For Xero Salesforce Connector

Welcome to the User Guide for Xero Salesforce Connector, designed to help you seamlessly integrate your Xero accounting software with Salesforce CRM. This integration will streamline your sales and financial operations by connecting customer and financial data across both platforms.

With Xero Salesforce Connector, you can view customer financial data, invoices, and payment information in Salesforce, allowing you to better understand your customers’ economic history and improve sales opportunities. The integration also enables you to automate financial data transfer between Salesforce and Xero, saving you time and reducing the risk of data entry errors.

This guide will walk you through the steps to set up the connector and configure the settings according to your business needs. We’ll cover everything from installing the integration, mapping data between the two platforms, and troubleshooting common issues.

Whether you’re a small business owner, an accountant, or a sales professional, Xero Salesforce Integration is a powerful tool that can help you simplify your operations and improve your bottom line. So, let’s get started and discover how this integration can benefit your business and how you can connect it.


What Are The Benefits Of Xero Salesforce Connector?

Some of the benefits of integrating Xero and Salesforce include the following:

  1. Streamlined processes: Integrating Xero and Salesforce can help automate processes such as invoicing and payments, reducing the need for manual data entry and saving time.
  2. Improved visibility: Integrating Xero and Salesforce can provide a complete view of a customer’s financial history, helping businesses make better-informed decisions.
  3. Collaboration: Integrating Xero and Salesforce can improve the collaboration between finance and sales teams, as both teams have access to the same data.
  4. Accurate data: Integrating Xero and Salesforce can help ensure that data is accurate and up-to-date, reducing errors and minimizing the risk of financial mistakes.


Installation & Setup at Salesforce’s end

  • First of all, get the application eShopSync For Xero from AppExchange
  • Click on Get it now button
  • It redirects you to the screen where you have to choose the user type you want to do the installation
  • Then select the acknowledgment and click on the Install button.

Install for user type

  • Now give the installation access and click on the Continue button.

Grant access for Xero Salesforce installation

  • Grant appropriate permissions for objects and fields to respective users of the application.


Create A New Organization In eShopSync For Xero

If you already have an existing organization, you can continue using it, or if needed, you can create a new organization by following the instructions provided below:

  • To create a new organization, visit https://go.xero.com 
  • Then from the top left side click on the drop-down arrow and further select “Add a new organization”.

Add new organization in Xero

  • Now a form opens up on your screen.
  • Fill in the required details in the form and save it.

Form to create new organization in Xero

  • The new organization is shown in the drop-down menu. Click on it to open it.

Created new Xero organization


How To Add Xero Organization To Salesforce?

  • Open Salesforce Org and click on the App launcher.
  • Then click on the Xero Salesforce Connector to open it.

open Xero Salesforce Connector

  • Add a new company by clicking on the Add button.

Add new company in Xero Salesforce Integration

  • A form named “Add a Xero Organization opens up”.
  • Provide the required information such as Organization name, Client ID, Client Secret, and Webhook Key.

Provide new Xero Organization details

  • For Client ID and Client Secret, visit https://developer.xero.com 
  • Click on the New App button to create a new application in Xero.

Create New App in Xero

Create New App in Xero 1

Create New App in Xero 2

  • After successfully creating the application, open it 
  • Then go to the Configuration option from the left navigation panel
  • Now, copy the URL from the new organization Window and paste it into the configuration window in Add New URI

URL of eShopSync for Xero connector


  • After this, copy the Client ID and paste it into the Add Xero Organization window in the configuration of the Xero Salesforce Connector
  • Now click on the “Generate Client Secret” button. Copy and then paste it into the Salesforce configuration of Xero Salesforce Connector

copy client ID and Secret fron Xero configuration

  • For Webhook Key, go to the Webhook option from the left navigation panel in the Xero configuration window.
  • Then select the option for which you want to run webhooks to get real-time updates. Then mention the Redirect URL from Salesforce in the Delivery URL box and click on Save to save all the settings.

Webhooks 1 for Xero Salesforce integration

  • After saving the information you get the Webhooks key that you have to copy and paste into the “Edit Xero Organization” form in Salesforce. After that, click on the Save button.

Webhooks key for Xero Salesforce synchronization


Connect Xero Organization To Salesforce

  • To connect the Xero organization to Salesforce Org you have to click on Connect to Xero button shown in the Xero Salesforce Integration application. 

Connect to Xero in Salesforce Org

  • It opens up the Xero User Consent form where you have to select an organization and click on Allow Access.

Xero-User-Consent to connect with Salesforce

  • The button name changes to Disconnect from Xero, which means the Xero is connected to Salesforce using the Xero Salesforce Connector.

Xero is connected with Salesforce


Xero Salesforce Connector Application Configuration

  • In Xero Salesforce Connector, click on the Configuration button to do the settings of the application.

Configuration of Xero Salesforce Connector

  • The configuration box opens up; in this, you have to select the object you want to import.

Object settings Xero Salesforce connector

  • Now click on Save and Next then it takes you to the Field Mapping tab

Field Mapping in Xero Salesforce Connector

  • Now click on Save and Next then it takes you to the Record Type Mapping tab

Record Type Mapping Xero Salesforce integration

  • Now click on Save and Next then it takes you to the Matching Criteria tab

Matching Criteria for Xero Salesforce Integration

  • Now click on Save and Next then it takes you to the Import Setting tab

Import Setting of Xero Salesforce Connector

  • All the configuration is done and you are ready to sync all your records of contacts, bills, quotes, invoices, and products & services from  Xero to Salesforce.


How To Use Row Actions In Xero Salesforce Connector?

Here are the row options that you can use in all the entities such as contacts, products, bills, invoices, and quotes.

Row Actions In Xero Salesforce Connector

  • Search Box- Search any specific record from the records as per your requirement.

Search bar in Xero Salesforce platform

  • Filter- Apply the filter to get specific records.

Filter option Xero Salesforce

In the filter pop-up form, provide the details to apply the filter to your records.

Filter option in Xero Salesforce connector.png

  • Add New- You can create a new record using the Add New button.
  • Column Filter- Use the column filter to show or hide the columns as per the requirements.

Column Filter option Xero Salesforce

  • Delete- Select records that you want to delete and then click on the Delete button.

Delete option Xero Salesforce

  • Import- Click on the import button to import all the records from Xero to Salesforce.

Import option in Xero Salesforce platform

  • Export– You can export the records by making the selection of records into your local drive.

Export option in Xero Salesforce platform

There are 4 specific drop-down row actions as follows:-

drop-down options in Xero Salesforce

  1. View Details: View the full information of the record you selected.
  2. Delete: Delete the record for which you selected this option.
  3. Export: Export the record from Salesforce to Xero for which you selected this option.
  4. Import: Import the record from Xero to Salesforce for which you selected this option.


View Of Synced Entities in Xero Salesforce Connector

  • Contacts- View of Synced contacts shown in the application.

View of Synced Contacts

  • Products and Services- View of Synced products and services shown in the application.

View of Products and Services

  • Quotes- View of Synced quotes shown in the application.

View of Quotes

  • Invoices- View of Synced invoices shown in the application.

View of Invoices

  • Bills- View of Synced bills shown in the application.

View of Bills



Xero Salesforce Connector helps you to sync all your data from Xero to Salesforce in no time on a real-time basis. This leads to an increase in the sales process, no duplicate records, running automated campaigns, and more. 

We provide the ideal option if you’re seeking Xero Salesforce Integration services. Because we are skilled in developing Salesforce integration solutions. As eShopSync is a brand of Webkul, these solutions are made by qualified Salesforce developers, allowing you to operate in a hassle-free setting.


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We are a business software development, consulting, and PDO firm with 13+ years of experience. We provide services for different Salesforce clouds such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Health Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud. Also, we have a team of certified Salesforce developers and dedicated Salesforce Consultants. There are more than 10 applications that we have published on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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