eShopSync acting as a bridge between eCommerce and Salesforce, provides various range of features. Its functionalities not only relish the the eCommerce store management experience but also lets you enjoy the benefits of CRM with retention marketing.

Powered with eShopSync, you can improve your store with exceptional support handling. Integrated with CRM tools one can achieve right data with right customers on right time. It also helps in increasing sales performance and generating unprecedented revenue with great customer satisfaction.

  • feature-sync

    Lead and Customer Synchronization

    Lead management is the most important factor when it comes to increasing sales. With eShopSync any query generated during run time on store end will act as Lead in Salesforce. your customers will be synchronized as Salesforce Accounts and Contacts. eShopSync with Salesforce provides you a better way to follow up your customers time to time. It will make your customers stick to your business for a longer period of time as you are always available.

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    Real Time Order Synchronization

    At run time the order can be automatically synced at Salesforce in real time. As soon as an order is created at eCommerce end, it will also get created at Salesforce end. It will help keeping same records at both the end, maintaining data integrity. Order information sync at Salesforce, can be very useful predicting sales and revenue. This will also help in understanding product demands and provide actually what your customer wants.

  • feature-cloud-base

    Products and Categories Synchronization

    eShopSync provides manual synchronization of products and Categories. Products and Categories of your eCommerce store front can be synchronized with Salesforce Products and Pricebooks along with the categories. Synchronization of product and categories helps in product management, better forecasting of product demands and keeping a proper inventory at Salesforce end.

  • feature-retenstion

    Also availbale for Salesforce 1 mobile App

    This magnificent application is also available for Salesforce 1. Using it with Salesforce 1 increases user accessibility giving you vital information to stay up to speed. This helps you to take actions from anywhere, drive quicker decisions to pull up the sales rate. Take control of your leads and collaborate with them instantly. It will increase customer intimacy by consistently nurturing the user experience with balanced relationship.

  • feature-multilingual

    Multilingual support

    Owing to the ease of access of users, individual exposure to multiple languages is increasing rapidly. This frequent increase is creating a need to acquire additional languages in the eCommerce site. This benefits the interaction with customers world wide. Believing it to be an important role eShopSync offers multilingual support at eCommerce end. this explicitly targets users in different countries to share a common platform.

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    Fully Customizable

    Taking it as an important business concept, we have developed eShopSync open to all deals of making changes as per the service to satisfy consumer group. We are open for all the changes which could be simple enough or as complex as developing complete new product for a particular client base. The personalization and flexibility to develop custom made business solutions according to one's requirements is available at our end.

  • feature-deliver

    A Service First Approach

    It is believed that good service brings great customer satisfaction.It is difficult retaining an old customer and achieving a strong bond with him. An organisation can never assume what actually a customer needs. Hence it is extremely important to interview a customer and gets his response to create a loyalty. More is the service provided to retain customers the more will be probability in growth of business.

  • feature-platform

    Available for All the popular Ecommerce platforms

    It is available with 6 popular platform. Magento, Magento 2, OpenCart, WooCommerce, CS-Cart and Prestashop. We are currently developing Salesforce connector for shopify. It will be available soon. Every platform has its own unique features making it different from others. Hence providing flexibility for platform based users.

  • feature-ticket

    Cloud Based 100% Salesforce Native Application

    eShopSync is purely Salesforce native application. Except for the complementary at eCommerce End, this app requires no additional app to install at Salesforce end. This lets you enjoy all the benefits of cloud based features providing a service first approach with right data and customers. It is available with both Salesforce classic and Salesforce 1.

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