PrestaShop Salesforce Connector 

PrestaShop Salesforce connector is a module that synchronizes PrestaShop store data to a Salesforce CRM platform. With the help of this module, the admin can easily synchronize accounts, customers, products, and orders to Salesforce CRM. It will help them to increase sales and improve customer service. Admin can also synchronize orders and products from their Salesforce CRM to the PrestaShop store. Customizations are also available according to the user’s requirements so, connect with the eShopSync Salesforce Consultant team.  

Note- If you want real-time sync of data from Salesforce Org to PrestaShop then you can request customization.

prestashop Salesforce integration

What are the features of PrestaShop Salesforce Connector?

List of features that users get in PrestaShop Salesforce Connector: 

The connector works as a bridge between the Salesforce and PrestaShop.

1. Synchronize real-time data in bulk from PrestaShop to Salesforce.

2. It supports the lightning feature.

3. Enable or disable real-time synchronization.

4. Sync PrestaShop Categories to Salesforce Categories.

5. Sync PrestaShop Products to Salesforce Products.

6. Sync PrestaShop Orders to Salesforce Sales Orders.

7. Sync PrestaShop Contact us to Salesforce Leads.

8. Sync PrestaShop Customers to Salesforce Accounts and Contacts.

9. The connector has Bi-directional functionality.

10. The default ship and payment methods need to be set default by the admin.

11. You get the option for order details and lead status mapping.

12. Compatible with the enabled Org of Multi-currency.

13. Choosing the Default Price Book for Products price can be done by the admin.

14. Fully based on REST API using OAuth2.0 of Salesforce to provide an easy, fast, and secure set-up for the user.

15. Admin can import Products and Orders from Salesforce to PrestaShop whenever required.

16. You can check the default mapping list for Order, Customer, and Product.

17. Admin can easily import Products and Orders from Salesforce CRM to PrestaShop account.

18. Field mapping can be done for Customer, Product, Order, Order Status, and Lead Status.

19. Provides a view to check the default mapping list for the Product, Customer, and Order.

20. Admin can choose to send the Product and Category images to the document folder or Notes and Attachment from PrestaShop to Salesforce CRM.

21. In Sync Record View, the admin can view sync, unsynced, or error records using Search, Pagination, and Filter options.

22. Sync Order invoice as PDF from PrestaShop to Notes and Attachment in Salesforce Order.

Bi directional Synchronization is possible from Prestashop end

Manual Synchronization of orders and products from salesforce to Prestashop

Users are synchronized as Accounts and Contacts at Salesforce end

Contact generated via contact us form will act as Lead in Salesforce.

Multi lingual support at eCommerce end

Cloud computing service is used for enabling global network to shared pool

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