Punchout Gateway For Magento 2

Connect eProcurement system with eCommerce Application

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Integrate the eProcurement system with your eCommerce application easily using our Punchout Catalogs. We have made a “ Punchout Gateway for Magento 2 ” product for you.

This product connects your Magento 2 with an eProcurement system, for example, SAP Ariba to perform the B2B business. After connecting these two systems, you can open your Magento 2 site at the eProcurement end by sending a request from eProcurement to Magento 2.

The product is easy to use and you can also request customization as per your business requirements. You can also request to connect any eCommerce site with the eProcurement system.

Features Highlights

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It supports cXML (Commerce eXtensible Markup Language)

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Logs creation for each request and response as per admin configuration

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The product quantity will be released if an order is not placed from e-Procurement after selected days

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Configuration to choose shipping and payment methods for e-procurement orders

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Configuration to choose order status for e-procurement orders

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Registering Sales orders back to the eProcurement system

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Benefits Of Connecting eCommerce With eProcurement System


By linking the two systems, organizations can automate their procurement processes, reducing manual labor and increasing accuracy


It leads to the time saved on administrative tasks, allowing employees to focus on more important tasks


It allows organizations to track orders in real-time, from purchase requisition to delivery


It helps identify any bottlenecks or delays in the procurement process and take necessary actions to resolve them quickly


Connecting eCommerce with the eProcurement system enables centralized procurement for an organization


With this, the transactions are automated, reducing the risk of errors and fraud


This ensures that all purchases are authorized and comply with organizational policies

Some More Features

  1. Easy installation and configuration.
  2. Create a Purchase Order from the eProcurement system and lock the product ordered quantity for admin-specified days after cart transfer to Ariba. 
  3. Suppliers can connect with multiple buyers more easily using a standard Punchout Gateway, reducing the effort required to support various procurement integrations.
  4. The punchout gateway seamlessly integrates with the buyer’s e-procurement system. Users can access the supplier’s catalog as if it were a part of their procurement system, eliminating the need to switch between different websites or systems.
  5. The provided solution fulfills the following-
    1. Cart Creation
    2. Order completion from eProcurement systems to Magento 2 with guest user consideration
    3. Sending back acknowledgment for PO. 

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Punchout Gateway For Magento 2

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