Integrate Salesforce Health Cloud And EHR Systems

Implement Health Cloud into Salesforce by integrating with EHR Systems.

We have built a native application for Salesforce to integrate Salesforce Health Cloud and EHR system. 

A Salesforce native application FHIR Connect is built to Integrate Salesforce Health Cloud and EHR systems such as Epic, and Cerner as per the FHIR Standards.You can also raise customization to use any other EHR system to integrate data into Salesforce Health Cloud. We have a detailed user guide of FHIR Connect which helps you to install and set up the application easily.

Features Highlights


No Custom mapping is required for Salesforce Health Cloud and EHR Integration


The application supports Epic and Cerner EHR systems


Use the Patient Search Component to search for any patient from the EHR system


You can easily visualize the patient information completely


Create the respective patient from EHR into Salesforce using the Patient Search Component


Import Clinical Data from EPIC into your Salesforce Health Cloud Org

Integrating Salesforce Health Cloud And EHR Systems

Benefits Of Integrating Salesforce Health Cloud And EHR Systems


All this is with the sharing of educational content, appointment reminders, resources such as support groups, and convenient mobile messaging.


Integrating Salesforce Health Cloud with the EHR system gives you a 360-degree view that helps in collaborative treatment.


It becomes better in care and outcome if done timely with the help of accessible data flow.


Patients can be active partners in their care with Salesforce Health Cloud EHR integration.


One can assign tasks, collaborate, and send secure messages. It leads to increased productivity and also more time to focus on providing quality care.


Management can increase the referral network and patient volume through active engagement.


Enabling quicker access to patient data leads to more coordinated points of care


Helping providers and clinicians reduce medical errors and diagnose patients faster..


Improving patient-provider communication and interaction.


Assisting providers in improving productivity and meeting business goals.


Lowering costs means less paperwork, less duplication of testing, and improved safety.

Some More Features

  1. The integration maps the patient info and clinical data as per the standard Salesforce health cloud clinical data model based on the FHIR standards.
  2. A custom component is built, which can be placed on the patient detail page to import patient-related clinical data from the EHR.

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Salesforce Health Cloud And EHR Systems Integration

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