National Health Australia | eShopSync for QuickBooks

About the Client:

National Health Australia offers Australia’s first premium 4G medical alarm pendant, as well as other assistive technology devices.

The NHA Life Alarm is available to retail customers and we also re-brand the devices for wholesale customers.

We have exclusive rights over the device in Australia and always welcome new wholesale customers.

The Challenge:

  • Our client is using both QuickBooks Online and Salesforce but both systems are disconnected with similar data.
  • No insight on the customer invoices in salesforce which makes the business decision difficult.
  • Cross-selling products to customers has become a challenge.
  • Clients need to spend hours analyzing the client information and comparing details with both the system to decide the next steps.

The Solution: eShopSync for QuickBooks

  • We came to the conclusion to use eShopSync for QuickBooks to integrate Salesforce and QuickBooks Online
  • Our real-time syncing added new customers to QB to get created in Salesforce
  • Any customer updates from QuickBooks should be reflected in salesforce
  • All invoices with their line items from QB are synced with Salesforce by creating the corresponding Opportunity.
  • We created two-way sync from QB to Salesforce as the client is creating invoices from the QB system & Salesforce.
  • We used our eShopSync for QuickBooks package as per client needs and helped them to solve their business problem.

The Result:

  • An integrated setup where both systems can interact with each other
  • Most updated data should be available in the system without manual updates
  • A client can see the most updated customer details in salesforce that helped them to cross-sell
  • They can alert the customer/agent if the invoice is not paid or the customer has an outstanding balance
  • Higher ROI and Increased agent efficiency
  • Reduced manual effort in syncing and comparing data between two systems.

What’s ahead for eShopSync:

eShopSync will continue to focus its efforts on building stronger connections with customers through our various product offerings.

With a plan of developing and delivering a more robust solution for our customers. We are planning to build a strong customer database with long-lasting relationships.

With a well-renowned product portfolio and Salesforce certified recognition, eShopSync has a bright future ahead.

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