Air Tight Weatherization, LLC | eShopSync for QuickBooks

About the Client:

We are industry leaders; builders, contractors, and homeowners know they can count on us to get the job done right, on time, on budget and safely.

We offer both home insulation and commercial insulation that you can rely on no matter what your project entails.

The Challenge:

They were facing difficult challenges managing the integration and access for their organizational data with a tool that did not fit their business model.

Their challenges with the CRM tool they were using were:

  • Need for a branded, integrated portal tool to allow reliable, streamlined support for thousands of users.
  • Integration with so they can manage all this easily.
  • Send completed orders to QuickBooks for invoicing.
  • Receive payments in QuickBooks, post-payment status, and history to

The Solution: eShopSync for Quickbooks

  • Bi-directional data replication to a relational database effectively allows integration of Salesforce CRM data with QuickBooks financial data.
  • Integration with QuickBooks for processing of all orders and payments.
  • Includes quick, comprehensive setup and always available ongoing support to respond to questions quickly.

The Result: eShopSync for Quickbooks

  • The capture of new customers and orders on a public website.
  • A consistent view of customer data in a website and in
  • Complete customer and order detail in QuickBooks Enterprise, improving our billing and receivables.

What’s ahead for eShopSync:

eShopSync will continue to focus its efforts on building stronger connections with customers through our various product offerings.

With a plan of developing and delivering a more robust solution for our customers. We are planning to build a strong customer database with long-lasting relationships.

With a well-renowned product portfolio and Salesforce certified recognition, eShopSync has a bright future ahead.

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