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MailChimp Salesforce Integration

MailChimp Salesforce Integration

ChimpConnect deals with Salesforce Integration with mailchimp. It is acting as a bridge between Salesforce and mailchimp. With the help of this Application, Users can Sync the mailchimp  Audience, Segments, Campaigns, and Members as Contacts and leads to Salesforce and vice versa. This application is enhancing the features of CRM and email Marketing. We can also monitor the Campaign Report i.e open, Clicks, Send, Count, etc.

Note: Application required to install in Salesforce Org  from AppExchnage:  Chimpconnect
Note: If you don’t have a MailChimp Account, You can get it from here: Create a MailChimp Account


  • Provides a unified salesforce platform to manage both CRM and email Marketing services.
  • Export and Import of Audiences, Segments, and  Members.
  • Synchronization of Audience and Segments from mailchimp to Salesforce
  • Synchronization of Members as Leads and Contacts in Salesforce.
  • Interactive design with the user interface at Salesforce end adding on effective data utilization
  • Synchronization of Campaign from mailchimp to Salesforce

    Application Configuration at MailChimp end


Create a mailchimp account and Register an Application at the mailchimp end.

Registered App

Create an Application at the mailchimp end.

Redirect Url Page

Paste the Redirect url at the mailchimp end

Redirect Url

Add the Client Id and Client Secret at the Salesforce end.


Installation & Setup at Salesforce end

Once you install ChimpConnect from AppExchange. Go through the screenshots mentioned below to update the Configuration.

Enter the Permission sets in the QuickFind Search Box | Click on ChimpConnect Permission set

Permission Sets

Click on Add Assignment to assign it to users.

Permission Sets

App Menu

Go to App Menu

Select  ChimpConnect |  Select the Setup menu

Configuration Page


Configuration Page


Synchronization Process

Audience detail page

Sync Audience:  Click on Sync audience to start import the data from mailchimp as shown below.Sync Audience

Sync Segment

Sync Segments : Click on Sync Segment to start import the data from mailchimp as shown below.

Click on Segments to see the details

Segment detail page

Import members

Sync Members: Synchronisation of Members as lead and Contacts in Salesforce.

Member Synch

User can mapp the field with the specified Data Type.

Sync Campaign –     Synchronization of mailchimp Adds , Email , Channels as Campaign.

Import Campaigns

Campaign Detail Page

Once the Campaigns would synchronized ,User can Check the Tracking Options as well as Delivery Status of the Specific Campaigns


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