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Salesforce® Exotel CTI Connector

Salesforce® Exotel CTI Connector

The easiest way to manage your business processes is to let your business processes ‘talk’.
Using Exotel CTI connector in Salesforce, any customer data that’s associated with an incoming phone number automatically pops up on your screen. Whenever a customer calls, their information appears front and center for your support agents so that agents have everything they need to help the customer. No more time spent searching, scrolling, or clicking for information about a customer.


  • Build complicated call flows that can combine all of your customer interaction and give you the whole picture.
  • Simple Drag and Drop interface with every information available on SoftPhone. You can locate aSoftPhone in a Salesforce Console.
  • Call tracking: Keeps a track of the Conversations with your customers in Activity History.
  • Enabled with both Inbound and OutBound Calling.
  • Missed call solution: A simple missed call to a virtual phone number provides you with an option to generate those calls as Leads.
  • Go Wireless: Say no to wires and servers and highly Reliable.
  • Save cost by process Automation.

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Exotel  Configuration

After you install this, you need to add users to Exotel Call Center in your Salesforce Org. In order to do this, please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1. Type ‘Call Centers’ in the Quick Find Search Box and Click on it.
  • Step 2. Click on ‘Exotel Call Center’ already created with the package.

  • Step 3: Click on ‘Manage Call Center Users’.

  • Step 4: Click on Add more Users to add those users who can access the Softphone panel.

Now, you will see the added Users appearing in Call Center List.

Let’s proceed with Exotel Configuration. Before you proceed with the configuration, you need to add the registered Exotel number under My Personal Information Section as shown below:

Now you need to set the Field Level Security of the Activity Custom fields associated with the Connector.


Similarly, do it for every other two fields and click on ‘Save’. 

OutBound Calls

Make an Outbound Call

You just need to click on ‘CALL NOW’ button in the Softphone panel in order to make the Outbound Call.

This is how your OutBound Calls will appear when you make a call to any registered number on Exotel.

View Call Logs including Missed Calls. (Refer to the screenshot below)


Inbound Calls

Create a Site to receive Inbound Calls: Follow the Steps below to create and Configure your Site to make it work for Exotel CTI connector.

Now, click on Save.

Field Level Security for all Accounts, Leads, Contacts and Tasks as shown below:

Enable Apex Classes:

Once you are done with Site Configuration, please get back to the Exotel panel.Step 1: Click on AppBazar under the Admin Section. It will show you the list of Apps installed.

Step 2: Click on ‘Edit Call Setup‘ next to the App which you want to connect to your Salesforce Site.

Step 3: Click on ‘Connect’.

Step 4: Now, we just need to configure Passthrough Applet in this section.

Note: Using the Passthru applet, you can get Exotel to talk to your Application URL and pass on details about the incoming call as and when it happens. Your application can now process this information to decide which path (success/failure) the flow should take next. This applet helps to dynamically control the flow as well as store the call details in your Salesforce CRM or other applications.

You need to append /services/apexrest/wk_exo/recivedApi/ at the end of your Salesforce Site Url so that you can control the flow as well as store the call details in your Salesforce CRM or other applications. Refer to the screenshot below:

Step 5: Once done click on Save.

Exotel Lightning Configuration

To use the application at the Lightning end, it is required to register the domain first. Kindly go through the article: How to register your Domain in Salesforce.

Once you get registered with your Domain, please make sure that custom tabs related to Salesforce Exotel CTI should be Default On.

Go to Set Up | Call CenterCall center

Enter the visualforce Page URL at the Exotel call center.

Click here on exotelAdapterPage.

Click here to copy the page URL


Add the Exotel API Information in Exotel Settings

Go to APP Launcher | Click on Exotel Lightning.

For setting up the outbound calls, In the lightning end when the call would redirect to the Registered mobile number one Popup would generate.


You can see the past call logs in the logs tab

After the calling user can save the caller Information in Message Box. As well as users can see the Past activities related to that contact.



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