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Queues in Salesforce

Queues in Salesforce

Queues in Salesforce

Queues is a collection of records which doesn’t have any owner. Queues in Salesforce allow users to share workloads more effectively.
You can manually add a record to a queue by changing the record’s owner to the queue. Or, we can create an assignment rule to add cases or leads to a queue based on specific record criteria. Records will be remain in a queue until they assign an owner.
Any queue member or users above them in the role hierarchy can take ownership of records in a queue.

Steps to create Queues in Salesforce

1. In your org goto Setup,
2. In the Quick Find box enter ‘Queue’ and goto Queues,
3 Click on ‘New’ button

4. Enter Label and Queue Name
5. Choose whom to notify when new records are added to the queue.

6. Select objects to include in the queue.

7. Add queue members. Members can be Individuals, Roles, Public Groups, Roles and Subordinates.
8. Depending on your sharing settings, only queue members and users above them in the role hierarchy can take ownership of records in the queue.

9. Save the queue.
10. If you want, set up assignment rules for your lead or case queues so that records that meet certain criteria are automatically added to a queue.

As in giving example I have selected ‘Case’ object in the queue, so whenever we create case in salesforce we can change owner of that record to ‘Queue’.


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