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Plans & Pricing For WooCommerce Salesforce Connector

Plans & Pricing For WooCommerce Salesforce  Connector

Plans & Pricing For WooCommerce Salesforce Connector

The WordPress WooCommerce Salesforce Connector integrates data between WooCommerce and Salesforce. It enhances the concept of B2B and B2C by synchronizing the users, categories, orders, and products on a real-time basis. You can also contact our professionals for the bi-directional feature. This will help in providing great customer care services, inventory management, order generation, etc. on a real-time basis, increases data integrity, and many others.

Integration must be flexible depending on business levels. WooCommerce Salesforce Connector widens the limitations of integration to meet specific business requirements effectively. Here are the different Plans of WordPress WooCommerce Salesforce Connector which help you in the best possible way.

Purchase Benefits:

  • Open Source Code
  • One-Time Payment with free 3 Months of Support



  • It gives the concept of a ‘Service-first’ approach.
  • Acts as a bridge between WooCommerce and Salesforce.
  • The synchronization process will run in the background when you export the records.
  • Lightning features support and provide you with an interactive design.
  • Can process bulk data synchronization from WooCommerce to Salesforce.
  • Map WooCommerce Order Status to Salesforce Order Status and/or Opportunity stages.
  • You get an option to check the Custom error and success message logging while importing or exporting objects.
  • Provided a feature to Synchronize individual Tax rates to Salesforce fields when syncing orders from Woocommerce to Salesforce.
  • Option to Synchronize WooCommerce users as Business or Person accounts in Salesforce.
  • Dynamic field mapping is provided for users, products, and Orders, you can add/remove field mappings as per your need.
  • Enable or disable Real-Time synchronization of users, products, categories, and orders from WooCommerce to Salesforce.
  • Manual synchronization of WooCommerce Users, Products, Categories, and Orders to Salesforce is also provided.
  • Users can navigate to Salesforce by clicking on the Salesforce IDs from the WordPress WooCommerce Salesforce Connector end.
  • Synchronize the Product/Category image in Notes and attachments or folders to Salesforce.
  • Synchronize Products Price to the selected Price book of Salesforce.
  • Only Synchronization of Simple products from the WooCommerce site to Salesforce.
  • Fully based on REST API using OAuth2.0 of Salesforce to providing an easy, fast, and secure setup for the user.

Note: The specific customizations of real-time data synchronization can implement in a bi-directional way. Product variation synchronization is possible as per your business requirements. This would be a paid feature. To enable this bi-directional feature, kindly contact our support team.

Price Comparison:

We are offering 2 types of Plans and Pricing:

  1. Business Account with Field Mapping: $499
  2. Person Account with Field Mapping: $599

Features Business Account with Field Mapping Person Account with Field Mapping
For Small, Enterprise & Non-Profits Deals
Includes All Business Account Package Features
Includes All Person Account Package Features
Best Match For B2C Deals With Field Mapping Features
Best Match For B2B Deals With Field Mapping Features
Manual Order Field Mapping At WooCommerce End
Manual Product Field Mapping At WooCommerce End
Supports Background Jobs and Logs
Manual User Field Mapping For WooCommerce Users with Account and Contact*
Real-time synchronization of Users, Products, Categories, and Orders from WooCommerce to Salesforce
Synchronization based on user-defined matching criteria
Buy Now Buy Now

Note: * Depending upon record type selection for Person Account.

Get your Salesforce Connector for WordPress WooCommerce now and start integrating the records data automatically on a real-time basis. You can also get it customized as per your business specification. 

After this, you can follow the user guide of the WooCommerce Salesforce Connector so that you can configure it easily and conveniently.

For any queries, get assistance from our certified Salesforce consultant via email at [email protected] or do a live chat with experts. You can also call the team members USA. (+1)-9143531684 and IN. (+91)-9870284067 as they are available 365 days a year.


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