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How Salesforce BigCommerce Integration Helped Enterprises with Online Sales?

How Salesforce BigCommerce Integration Helped Enterprises with Online Sales?

It’s all about the processes

Improving business processes by integrating Salesforce & BigCommerce.

eShopSync has been helping eCommerce enterprises in implementing streamlined business processes via BigCommerce and Salesforce Integration.

  • Our expertise in Salesforce Consulting has helped organizations in encountering integration issues.
  • Our Salesforce Consultants follow a holistic approach to address the client’s issues. 
  • Our Salesforce Consultant works in a realm with our Salesforce developers to address these critical integration issues to create a customizable software solution that fits in every business scenario best possible.

The Problem:

The biggest challenge that their BigCommerce sales team face is the need to get customer information into Salesforce. But when the UI is clunky and hides key information, teams resort to capturing data in Google Docs.For a Sales Ops Manager, designing a system to be a database of customer intelligence, but it is not serving the needs of the end-user. BigCommerce’s team knows that they need to act fast in implementing a solution that addresses this issue head-on. 

When the team started resorting to Google Docs to take their notes, we know that it wasn’t acceptable or scaleable from a Sales Leadership metric tracking perspective.

These types of eCommerce enterprises always require custom integration due to the use of various third-party software, differing data security requirements, unique business processes, a constantly evolving technological and competitive landscape, and idiosyncratic organizational needs.

Unfortunately, many organizations sacrifice seamless, cross-application data integration and software functionality for a quick, on-demand CRM deployment that leaves too much room for sub-optimal processes and missed maximum ROI opportunities. 

Many organizations fail to realize that they can find a custom end-to-end line-of-business CRM integration without experiencing common pain points of high up-front costs, expensive maintenance due to upgrades and updates, data security concerns, slow deployment schedule, or difficulties with adaptability, extensibility, and scalability.

The Solution:

The solution is Salesforce BigCommerce Integration, which has addressed most of our client’s problems and issues of data integration from one platform to another.Gone are the days of management having to click into each activity to see what’s going on or what the next steps following a conversation are. 

Our BigCommerce Salesforce Connector drives collaboration across the team to increase productivity, visibility, and efficiency during the sales process.

Salesforce BigCommerce Integration: Addressing Enterprise Level Integration Problems

Enterprise eCommerce organizations must be assured that our solution has the ability to be flexible, nimble, and adaptable. This means easy extensibility when new applications or software is procured and needs to be integrated into the line-of-business suite. 

Furthermore, our solution could be scaled easily without the loss of functionality as the organization continues to grow as a result of increased integration ROI. 

Our BigCommerce Salesforce Connector is built with these issues in mind, using a widely implemented and open code base, extensive documentation for efficient development, and a growth-focused framework.

We usually build integration services based on components such as customers, products, eCommerce data, and orders. 

In most of the projects, the synchronization and manual integration of data has failed to support real-time data integration at any given time. They were only able to fetch data by the last modified date. 

On the other hand, the bulk synchronization of data was consuming a few hours to get synced completely. There was a delay in syncing the data of some of the fast-selling products and because of which the BigCommerce website ended up over-selling some of the products.

Neither the customer was at peace with the delay in the synchronization of data. When our customer faced these issues.

Then, our Salesforce development team embarked on a new venture of handling multiple data sync requests for fetching different levels of data. We integrated the workflow and put together data synchronization requests to quickly fetch data when required.

Meanwhile, our orders and product synchronization feature allows our customers to sync those fast-selling products into BigCommerce so that the website would show the correct stock count of such products.

After implementing our solution, our customers have seen a huge reduction in the time spent between data integration from BigCommerce to Salesforce and vice-versa. 

Our solution has reduced data redundancy and increased data integrity. We offered a new way of streamlining data flow between Salesforce and BigCommerce for increased sales opportunities.

Our customers welcomed this as we addressed their pain point of products getting over-sold and provided an optimum solution.

Final Outcome

And the percentage number is surging increasingly with each passing year.

Our customers are delighted by our robust product and its service offerings and appreciate our spontaneous support throughout the development and customization phase as well as the post subscription phase.

Still, with constant monitoring and support services provided by our Salesforce developers and consultants, we are able to achieve results within a short time.

Needless to say, there is nothing that can match the contentment and pleasure of reaping the benefits out for our esteemed customers.

Indeed an incredible experience for the entire Salesforce Development and Consulting Team at Webkul.

Don’t miss out on our eCommerce applications for your BigCommerce Store

Webkul has developed BigCommerce applications that could be easily integrated with your BigCommerce store.As a store owner, you must check out our BigCommerce applications to convert your store into a multifunctional eCommerce store.

  • BigCommerce Multi-Vendor MarketPlace:

You can now convert your BigCommerce Store into a Multi-Vendor Marketplace with our BigCommerce Multi-Vendor MarketPlace application that would convert your normal BigCommerce store into a marketplace within BigCommerce. 

With our application, not only store admin but sellers can associate with your eCommerce store and sell their products.

As a store admin, you have backend access and control on products, sellers, seller’s products, and payment.

  • BigCommerce AliExpress DropShipping:

Start DropShipping Business within your BigCommerce Store with BigCommerce AliExpress DropShipping Application that allows you to sell products on your store, without a need to manage inventory.

As a store admin, you can import products along with their options & description, and other details into his BigCommerce store and can start selling those products on his own store very easily without managing the products to his store.

  • BigCommerce SMS Notification:

SMS gives you a greater ability to keep customers informed and helps you to engage with them throughout the order process.

Also, SMS is a great way to retarget customers with abandoned carts. 

Our BigCommerce SMS Notification application allows admin to send SMS Notification to the customer regarding user registration, new order placement, update in order. 

An admin will also get SMS notification, whenever product stock is low and for an Abandoned cart.

This allows an admin to send the “Promotional Text Messages” to the customer. Therefore an admin creates a message of his choice for marketing purposes.

  • BigCommerce Ask a Question:

Just like FAQs, BigCommerce Ask a Question acts as an open forum for your customers to get straight to their answers without much hassle. 

Sometimes while purchasing products online, a customer has some queries about the product.

In that case, if that query is not clear then there is a chance of losing prospective customers.

With the ability to answer at the right time, our application allows admin to interact with customers and vice-versa.

What’s ahead for eShopSync

eShopSync will continue to focus its efforts on building stronger connections with customers through our various product offerings. With a plan of developing and delivering a more robust solution for our customers. We are planning to build a strong customer database with long-lasting relationships.

With a well-renowned product portfolio and Salesforce certified recognition, eShopSync has a bright future ahead.

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