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Health Care Management in Salesforce

Health Care Management in Salesforce

Health Care Management Solution by Webkul can provide a world-class Salesforce solution to manage your treatment center data in an efficient way.

We capture almost all of the parts like :

  1. Bed Management

  2. Patient Management

  3. Care – Giver Management

General Structure Overview:

Lead Management :

  1. According to the treatment centers requirement, we capture Leads through calls, other integrated systems or through Business Account.

  2. We capture the primary insurance details in Lead itself.

  3. If qualified the Lead is converted to Account, Contact, and Opportunity.

Account Management:

  1. We create both Person Account from the Lead as they are patients

  2. Business Accounts are generally created for hospitals and other treatment centers from where a lead could be referred.

  3. Also, we capture the status of the patient in Account.

Opportunity Management:

1. In Opportunity we manage stages like:

  • VOB

  • VOB Approved

  • VOB Rejected

  • Traveling

  • Pre-assessment

  • Detox

  • Admitted

  • Discharged

    and many more.

2. In Opportunity, we also capture referral information.

Verification of benefits Management:

  1. It would contain the information of primary from lead and secondary insurance information.

Pre-assessment Information:

  1. Pre-assessment information is captured on the pre-assessment stage.

At the same time, we also build full customized(According to the needs) treatment center structure. Our team of experts creates and suggests highly economical solutions.


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