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SAP B1 Shopify Integration User Guide


SAP B1 Shopify integration helps you to sync all your items and item groups data into your Shopify store. It acts as a bridge between the platforms that easily sync your data in an easy manner. By integrating both platforms, you can sync items as products and item groups as categories in just one click. Get a 2-day free trial by installing the application.



  1. Sync items as products from SAP B1 to Shopify Store.
  2. Sync item groups as categories from SAP B1 to Shopify Store.


Process To Install And Configure The SAP B1 Shopify Integration:

    • First of all, visit the Store


    • Then click on the Subscribe


    • Install the connector


    • Now, it redirects you to the configuration window, which is General Settings


  • Here you have to mention the following information
    1. Service Layer URL
    2. Name of the Database
    3. Username & Password

Then click on the Save Changes button.

Configuration_General Settings_SAP B1 Shopify Integration


List View of Synced SAP Items:

Synced SAP Items to your Shopify Store SAP B1 Shopify Integration

List View of Synced SAP Item Groups:

Synced SAP Item Groups to your Shopify Store SAP B1 Shopify Integration

The user guide of SAP B1 and Shopify Connector helps you to easily install and configure the application. It also, explains how you can use this application in an easier manner.




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