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Salesforce Marketing Cloud WooCommerce Connector Installation and Setup

Salesforce Marketing Cloud WooCommerce Connector Installation and Setup


The Salesforce Marketing Cloud WooCommerce Connector is an extension which connects Salesforce Marketing Cloud with WordPress WooCommerce. In this blog, we are going to cover the installation and setup of the application.

There are some pre-requisites which need to be taken care of, at Salesforce Marketing Cloud end before installation of the add-on:

1. You need to have API User enabled in the “user” section.

2. Now, you have to set the Grant The User Access To The WebService role for the user.

api access


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  • Now, After purchasing the zip file, you have to upload the zip file on your WordPress WooCommerce site and follow the steps for the add-on installation.

click here to add plugin jpg

Add Plugins ‹ webkul_MC_TEST — WordPress


Add Plugins ‹ webkul_MC_TEST — WordPress

Plugins ‹ webkul_MC_TEST — WordPress


  • Here you can see the application is installed successfully. Now put your user name and password in the given sections and save to use the application.




  • In the configuration of the application you have to insert the SFMC Username, Password, you have to specify the SFMC Mode and SubDomain. You also have the option to switch on the AutoSync, and selecting SFMC list id. 
  • To get the subdomain go to Administrator-> Account -> Users -> Click on the username -> In the SOAP WSDL field just select and copy the domain and paste it into the SFMC Subdomain field.Administration-Marketing-Cloud png



  • Sample presentation of how this connector works. Here let’s we consider Category sync from your WordPress WooCommerce store to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud OrgSyncronize Categories ‹ webkul_MC_TEST — WordPress


  • Now, please go to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud Org and “Subscribers”>>”Data Extensions”>> “WkWooCommerceCategoryDE” and then you will get the required data. Data_extensionEmail - Marketing Cloud

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