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Marketing Cloud Journey with Email Studio

Marketing Cloud Journey with Email Studio

What is Marketing Cloud ?

Marketing Cloud is a platform of Salesforce that enables brands to interact with its existing and potential customers across all channels including email, social networks, mobile, and web. It offers to streamline your marketing business and that improves efficiency through effective communication with the clients. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a Salesforce acquisition of a product formerly known as ExactTarget.

Moreover, Marketing Cloud helps in building relationships for loyalty, trust, increasing lifetime customer value so customers invest behind your products and services. Furthermore, it enables you to connect to the customers through emails, mobiles, social, advertising, and web – all in a single place.

If you want to target one or two particular channels, such as email or mobile, then Marketing Cloud can help you do that with Email Studio and Mobile Studio. You don’t have to use the entire suite of products all at once—use only the products that meet your needs.


Things you can perform with Marketing Cloud:

  • You can connect known and unknown profiles to gain a unified view of the customer.
  • Use data and Einstein AI(Artificial Intelligence) to make every interaction meaningful.
  • Create two-way, real-time engagement when and where the customer wants.
  • Measure, report, and optimize on marketing performance, impact, and customer loyalty.
  • You can plan, personalize and optimize customer journey.
  • Map customer journeys across multiple channels from single place.
  • It can be integrated with other software like Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Sales cloud and other applications to provide deeper and better insights of customers.

Benefits of Marketing Cloud:

Strong Knowledge on the customer: You can connect data from different devices and sources from Marketing Cloud, in order to obtain single unified vision of the customer demand.

Customization with help of Artificial Intelligence: Marketing Cloud allows the combination of data with Einstein AI. Therefore, it enables a customized communication with customers, based on their relationship with the company.

Create interest across the journey: Marketing Cloud generates attention and awareness during the whole process which admin does, and also provides options to offer every customer the best action for them.

Impact analysis: Marketing Cloud performs all actions of the customer journey through different channels and devices, using artificial intelligence and the digital tool Google Analytics 360.

More Mobility and Efficiency: Putting all our resources in the cloud makes the work easier for gathering all the information required to adjust, utilize and share. The marketing staff can get to these benefits wherever they are, instead of remaining at their work areas.

Ease of Implementation: In marketing cloud; you don’t have to purchase any hardware or software to work, you just need an Marketing Cloud account. Marketing cloud programming is open over the web in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, where all you need is an internet connection.

What is Email Studio ?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio is the leading enterprise marketing platform which allows user to deliver personalized messages to every customer at large scale. It connects commerce, sales, service and customer communities for consistent customer journey.

Each message can be build using a 2D view with drag and drop tools. With use of Einstein AI into the platform, email marketers can know there customer demands, which allows them to recommend the right product at the right time. With triggered automation, brands can connect with millions of customers sending one to one messages at scale even during peak times.

Marketing Cloud Email Studio can switch between templates and codes when building the right look for your message to the customers. Review each email before sending it to the customer to ensure the right content is made for every subscriber or not.

Features :

  • No coding required: With Marketing Cloud you can create email using intuitive UI and drag-and-drop functionality for static and dynamic content blocks without using coding knowledge.
  • Share content development across channels: From Marketing Cloud you can easily tag, search, and share the content across various channels which includes email, social, and mobile using Content Builder—for content creation and management at scale.
  • Send with confidence: Before sending emails to the customer you can preview your email which you have made for the customer.
  • Email Scheduling: You can schedule the emails which you have created for the customer according to the customer readability.
  • Built-in predictive intelligence: With the help of Einstein AI you can send highly personalized emails to each and every customer with some recommendations based on there past behavior with the company.
  • Any email, any audience: You can create all your enterprise emails with just one application according to your need.

Benefits of Email Studio:

  • Create targeted campaigns— You can create and customize emails based on customer needs and behaviors for personalized campaigns at large scale. This functionality is particularly useful when you are sending thousands of emails at a time.
  • Automate campaigns— Schedule emails so customer can receive content at optimal times so customer can read the emails. It can automatically send reports to different departments in your company so that everyone is kept in the loop. Which saves time from transferring data between teams, with automated transfers between systems.
  • Create dynamic emails— With dynamic emails you can choose a wide range of mobile-friendly email templates; that can be customized according to customer’s needs at every stage of their journey.
  • Simple email optimization— Use A/B testing and advance previews to easily optimize emails for improved performance.
  • Predictive intelligence— Increase email conversions with AI by using Salesforce’s Einstein AI; to predict which segments are most likely to engage with your content.

Email Studio Headers/Options:

Marketing Email Studio contains of seven header/options which we will discuss briefly below.

  1. Overview: The overview of Email Studio contains a dashboard showing recent items, campaigns, send (past and pending).


  1. Content: In content we can create personalized content as per our requirement; which will be send to the subscribers. Create reusable content blocks including text, HTML, images, buttons, dynamic content, and A/B testing; to ensure that relevant messaging reaches the right person every time when you send the email.

  1. Subscribers: A subscriber is a person who has chosen to receive email communications from your company. You need to have a valid email address for each subscriber of your company. For every subscriber who receives SMS messages, you need a valid phone number. You can track additional information about subscribers using profile and preference attributes.

 Use the subscriber key to uniquely identify your subscribers in Marketing Cloud. You can create lists or data extensions to store your subscribers data. Store email subscriber information in lists or data extensions, and store SMS subscriber information in data extensions only. To segment, your subscribers, create as many lists and data extensions as you need.

  1. Interactions: Email Studio Interactions contain the communications and data processes; that build and support your relationship with customers who has opted for your company.

Activities: An activity is a discrete unit of work in the application.

Messages: A message is a communication sent to an individual subscriber; or a collection of individuals such as a list, group, or data extension. Marketing Cloud supports email and SMS message channels.

  1. A/B Testing: A/B Testing is a marketing testing method; which you send two versions of your Marketing Cloud Email Studio emails to two test audiences from your subscriber list. Track which version receives highest open rate or highest click-rate than you can send that version to all remaining subscribers.

  1. Tracking: Tracking is a collection of data; that allows you to view critical elements such as email opens, clicks, undeliverable messages, and other metrics online. You can also capture how many emails were forwarded and how many new subscribers each forward generated.

  1. Admin (for admins only): It plays a very important role in marketing cloud to integrate Marketing cloud with sales cloud; control user access of marketing cloud studios visibility, and many more.



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