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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Shopify Connector Installation and Setup

The Salesforce Marketing cloud Shopify Connector is an extension which connects Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Shopify. In this blog we are going to cover the installation and setup of the application.

There are some pre-requisite which need to be taken care at Salesforce end before installation :

  1. You need to have S7 api stack , currently our application supports this stack only.

  2. You need to have Api User enabled in user section.

  3. You have to set the Grant The User Access To The WebService role for the user.

    Now at Shopify end you need to do the following setup:

    • Click on Visit Shopify App Store

    • Type Marketing Cloud in the search box.

    • Click on the application.

    • Click on Add App.

    • Click on Install app.

    • Click on Apply Plan.

    • Click on Start Free Trial.

    • Your application is installed sucessfully. Now put your user name and password in the given sections and save to use the application. 

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