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Person Accounts in Salesforce : What they are and how to enable them?

Person Accounts in Salesforce : What they are and how to enable them?

What are Person Accounts?

Salesforce provides Accounts object to store information about customers you do business with. Each Accounts in Salesforce can also have related Contacts with it. Accounts are used for storing data about non-human business entities like corporation, NGO, council, agency, firm, bureau etc. Each of these entities have multiple humans working for them at different roles like CEO, Marketing Executive, Sales Manager, President, Product manager etc. Ona a pure data based comparison, properties of a firm is very different from properties of its Sales Manager, but still these two are related to each other.

For this Contacts are used for storing data of humans related to a non-human business entity stored as Accounts. e.g. a person named ‘Manish’ works for a company named ‘Webkul S/W Pvt. Ltd.’. To store this data, first create a new account with name ‘Webkul’, then create a new Contact with name ‘Manish’. But while creating the Contact provide ‘Webkul’ account in its Account field.

There are two types of accounts. Business accounts store information about companies. Person accounts
store information about individual people.

Why we need them?

Explain difference between B2B and B2C model along with an example. Person Accounts allows to make Salesforce suitable for B2C business model. E.g. a school using Salesforce to store student records.

Considerations for Person Accounts :

Explain pitfalls and cons of using PA.

How to prepare org before enabling them?

Creation of Record types, OWD setting change and profile access setting change. Then at the end checkbox for ‘Allow support to enable PA’.

How to enable Person Accounts?

Actual step by step process of raising a case and

Related setup and changes:

Changes need to be done after enabling

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