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Prestashop Salesforce Connector

Frequently Asked Questions

No, data integrity is the main area of concern, and we would recommend to install and test the connector sync features in Development site/Salesforce Sandbox first. Upon successful testing, you may proceed to install the connector in Live site and Salesforce Production environment.

NOTE:  If you test the connector directly in the Live site/Salesforce Production Org then we won't be responsible for any unwanted changes or duplicates.

Purchasing connector along with Installation fees just brings you into a comfort zone where you just need to share required details to initiate the installation process. Our concerned team will effectively proceed with the installation process as soon we get complete details. The installation process will be done within 2-3 working days.

Your trust and satisfaction are highly important to us so your data will be completely secured.

If you are stuck and having trouble while proceeding with configuration then you need to pay Installation fees along with required details to install and setup the connector properly.

To pay the Installation fees: Click Here

NOTE: We have already provided help links and video tutorials to install and setup the connector.

Free support comes in the picture once the connector is installed and configured properly. If there is any issue while connector installation then it will fall under Installation process and will be treated as per Installation procedure.

In case, you have not paid the installation fees and want support to install and configure the connector then you need to pay the installation fees and must share the required details to initiate Connector installation procedure.

Post successful connector installation and configuration, if you are experiencing any issue while data synchronization that would fall under free support.

You may find steps to resolve the issue under Frequently Asked Questions section as per error received. Else, you may create a ticket on the link mentioned under Support section with steps to reproduce and provide all required login details.

Your data is highly secured with us and it is mandatory to share Admin Url with login credentials of the concerned site,  SFTP/FTP details and and Salesforce access while investigation on any issue. Without having complete details, we can’t proceed any further.

Workaround: You may proceed with signing an NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement) or provide a Development site (complete replica of Live Site) along with complete details to debug the issue.

Our Concerned team will install and setup Connector on the Live Site and get the things ready to go situation for you. Installation of eShopSync as well from the AppExchange, in case it is not installed at Salesforce end.

We will sync a test record of Users, Categories, Products, and Orders to make sure that synchronization is working fine. Further, you may proceed with synchronization on your own.

NOTE: We would recommend providing Development Site details to install and test the connector. Once it is tested and verified then you may proceed to install the connector in Live Site.

You need to share following details to investigate the issue:

  • Admin URL of the concerned site with login credentials.

  • SFTP/FTP Details such as Host Name, Port, Username, Password.

  • Salesforce login credentials. Or, you may grant login access for Salesforce as well: How to Grant Login Access

NOTE: Mandatory to share SFTP/FTP details and all of the concerned site such as Host Name, Port, User, and Password if we require while investigation. You may create a Development site (complete replica of the Live site) and share all above-mentioned detail to debug the issue.

Customer/Order sync doesn't support the sync process if State and Country/Territory pick list feature is enabled in the connected Salesforce Org. In order to sync the Customer/Order, you need to disable it in the Salesforce Org or connector can be customized to sync with the enabled feature.

To know the feasibility of specific requirements: Ask For Customization

By default, only 1 Salesforce User is allocated module license per Org. Additional module license is chargeable. Feel free to contact us to get more licenses (One-time payment only).

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