THE KABBALAH CENTRE tried many applications that could sync between Shopify and Salesforce. After trying so many applications they ended up their search with Shopify and Salesforce Connector developed by Webkul.

 The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization that serves students and their surrounding community with a place to study both online and in-person, and a way to apply the tools of Kabbalah through connections, events, and volunteering. 

 They collect and translate the sacred texts of the ancient Kabbalists in hopes of exposing these secrets to students of every language, religion or spiritual practice. Their mission is to share Kabbalah’s life-changing wisdom and tools with as many people in the world as possible. They teach spirituality for the modern world. And believe that at the core of the world’s great religions and spiritual traditions are truths founded in the wisdom of Kabbalah. As the wisdom of Kabbalah predates religion, this is a study that can enhance an individual’s spiritual life and bring a new depth of understanding to all religions.


The Centre was founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag in 1922 and now spans the globe with locations in more than 40 cities.

So, Kabbalah Centre is providing online courses and using the Shopify platform for managing their online store. And as you know for every business, sales activities are required to increase the incoming traffic and converting casual visitors into customers. The Kabbalah Centre is using Salesforce for managing all the customers.

 The Kabbalah Centre tried many connectors to connect their Shopify’s online store with Salesforce. But they didn’t find any connector which can fulfill their all requirements then they tried the connector developed by Webkul for the Shopify and Salesforce Integration. 

As this, Shopify Salesforce Connector is acting as a bridge between Shopify and Salesforce. And it is enhancing features of e-commerce and CRM platform with the concept of service first approach. With the help of this application, admin can easily synchronize Customers, Collections, Products, and orders to Salesforce CRM which will help them to track sales and growth trends.

The connector provides the following functionalities and features-

  • It synchronizes e-Commerce data at Salesforce end to avail CRM benefits.
  • Synchronization of Collections from Shopify to Salesforce end.
  • Customers synchronization as Accounts and Contacts at Salesforce end.
  • Orders and Product synchronization to manage unlimited products and Inventory.
  • Provides unified Salesforce platform to manage both e-Commerce and CRM data.
  • Salesforce Centric configuration concept to avail hassle-free environment.
  • Guest Users concept to track placed Orders and their information.
  • Interactive design with user interface at Salesforce end adding on effective data utilization.


They were looking for an application that could sync between Shopify and Salesforce along with the above mentioned features, they got those features in connector developed by Webkul. And now they are happily using Shopify and Salesforce connector developed by Webkul.



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