Revive & Restore | Salesforce MailChimp Integration

About the Client:

Revive & Restore is the leading wildlife conservation organization promoting the incorporation of biotechnology into standard conservation practice.

Biotechnology can be used to enhance genetic diversity, build disease resistance, facilitate adaptation, and more.

Yet for most conservationists, these tools are still not available.

That’s why we introduce conservationists in the field to the academic and commercial labs advancing genetic and genomic sciences.

To do so, Revive & Restore takes on three distinct roles—acting as a convener, an advancer, and a funder—all to empower conservation.

The Challenge: MailChimp Data Integration

They have reached out to us as they are finding the right email marketing tool since we are in the middle of our end-of-year email fundraising campaign.

Initially, they were using email templates within Salesforce but were too limited by formatting issues.

Sending out emails individually and then logging them to the appropriate contact/account files in Salesforce but then were unable to run reports to pull all of the tracking details together in one report.

So, Mailchimp seems to be the best option for us since they can’t afford the $7500 Pardot marketing package as a small nonprofit.

They have been using Mailchimp to reach new audiences—like potential partners, investors, or community members—and to stay connected with the fundraisers they’ve already established a relationship with.

But the major challenge was:

Due to MailChimp Event API limitation, some critical tracking is not available like :

  •  When someone unsubscribes
  • Someone click /open email these details can’t get in the real-time
  • When a subscriber is assigned a tag
  • When a subscriber is assigned a Segment
  • Creating a campaign and assigning a recipient

The Solution: Salesforce MailChimp Integration

ChimpConnect: An application providing synchronization between MailChimp and Salesforce.

With our Salesforce MailChimp Integration, our client was able to automate the manual data integration process.

And is now being able to take a strategic look at what else they can do for fundraising campaigns.

Also, for now, they are able to onboard fundraisers and engage them with content that adds value to their journey, ultimately resulting in increased funds.

Using ChimpConnect, Review & Restore business is now streamlined and self-sustaining.

Using ChimpConnect, they can send an onboarding email to the fundraiser, and at the end, send them a thank you email for their various fundraiser campaigns.

With our solution, they are now able to:

  • Manual Sync of Segment and Subscriber to track Subscriber assigned as Tag and Segment
  • With the Export to MailChimp button on the Contact /Lead, they can update the Member Tag and Segment members 
  • With the Export to MailChimp button on CC Campaign, they can now assign the subscriber
  • Using CC Segment and using segmentation in CC Campaign, they can now assign the right audience as per the marketing campaign
  • In the CC Campaign record, we provided fields for Campaign Analytics like Total clicks, Total Opens, etc.

The Result:

A growing, engaged audience

With ChimpConnect, now they have access to MailChimp data in Salesforce which they can use for marketing purposes using Salesforce.

Our solution was fulfilling their business need within their budget.

Having all of their audience data and insights in one convenient location has helped their marketing campaigns.

Now they know when to talk to them, and which channel they should use to deliver their message.

And that’s led to some pretty impressive results.

Turning audience insights into smarter marketing is what we have delivered at the end.

What’s ahead for eShopSync

eShopSync will continue to focus its efforts on building stronger connections with customers through our various product offerings.

With a plan of developing and delivering a more robust solution for our customers. We are planning to build a strong customer database with long-lasting relationships.

With a well-renowned product portfolio and Salesforce certified recognition, eShopSync has a bright future ahead.

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