Salesforce B2C Commerce Mobile App Development

Enhance your customer experience by adding it to your eCommerce store.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Mobile app development makes your world of eCommerce easier. The application provides a complete front-end view with different options such as user registration, catalog view, add-to-cart option, choose products with their variants, and checkout option. Furthermore, you will get attractive themes, guest checkout, push notifications, Stripe payment gateway integration, a wishlist, and many other features. We also provide customizations such as any payment gateway integration, shipment integration, changes in the UI/UX of an app, or any other that fulfill your business requirements. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Mobile application development makes your world of eCommerce easier by providing a complete front-end view with different options.

  1. Payment gateway integration any other than Stripe
  2. Shipment Integration
  3. A different UI/UX other than the provided
  4. Any out-of-the-box functionality that requires some different implementation other than the listed set of features

Features Highlights


Complete Front-end Flow


Stripe Payment Gateway Integration


Cartridge Development in SFCC


Push Notifications


Order History


Guest Checkout

Benefits of Salesforce B2C Commerce Mobile App Development


Personalized Customer Experience:
Create a personalized experience for your customers that aligns with your brand image and values.


Improved User Engagement:
Mobile apps offer more features and functionalities than websites, making it easier to keep users engaged for longer periods.


Increased Sales & Conversions:
They no longer have to open the web browser or search for your website; instead, they can simply launch your app from their phone’s home screen.


Enhanced Mobile Shopping Experience:
The layout is optimized for smaller screens, making it easier for customers to browse products, make purchases, track orders, etc., without any hassle.


Better Data Tracking & Analytics:
Salesforce B2C Commerce provides powerful data tracking and analytics capabilities, which can be further enhanced with custom app development.


Accessibility and Convenience:
With a mobile app, customers can access your store anytime and anywhere at their convenience, which impacts customer engagement.


Streamlined Operations:
This integration streamlines operations and reduces manual work while ensuring accurate real-time updates across all systems.


Valuable Insights:
This data can be used to make informed decisions about marketing strategies, product offerings, and overall business growth.

Some More Features

  1. User Wishlist- It helps you to save the items you are interested in so that you can purchase them later.
  2. Interactive Theme- The default theme that will enhance the appearance of your store.
  3. Product Browsing and Search- A search box is available for users to search and browse the products.

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Salesforce B2C Commerce Mobile App Development

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