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QuickBooks Salesforce Connector

QuickBooks Salesforce Connector

QuickBooks and Salesforce Integration is taking the cloud-based platforms to the new altitudes. Now dealing with the QuickBooks unlimited data is much easier than ever before. QuickBooks salesforce connector is working as a bridge based between QuickBooks and Salesforce. With the help of this application, User can integrate the online Accounting part of QuickBooks to the salesforce end. It can help you do your accounting in QuickBooks while you can access the QuickBooks financial data through Salesforce.User can synchronize the Customers, Invoices, Payments, Estimates & Products from QuickBooks in Salesforce.

Note: Application required to install in Salesforce Org  from AppExchnage:  eShopSync for QuickBooks


  • Customers synchronization as Accounts and Contacts at Salesforce end.
  • Synchronization of Product and services from QuickBooks to Salesforce end
  • Provides integration with QuickBooks, helps to track expenses, create customer reports.
  • Synchronize Invoices, Payments, Estimates from QuickBooks to Salesforce end.
  • You can connect upto the  five QuickBooks Application to your Salesforce Org

How to Configure

Installation at QuickBooks end

  • Create an App by logging into QuickBooks end and Select My Apps
  • Select the QuickBooks Online and Payment
  • Select the Scope as Accounting
  • Select the Development| Keys & OAuth
  • Select the Development| Webhooks

Installation & Setup at Salesforce end

  • Once you install eShopSync For Quickbooks from AppExchange. Go through the screenshots mentioned below.
  • Go to Setup | Apex Setting | Enable the Deploy Metadata from Non-Certified Package Versions via ApexApex settings 
  • Go to App Menu | Select  eShopSync for QuickBooks|  Select the settings menu Configuration settings
  • Enter the Update Secret keys from the QuickBooks Development Keys Section.Configuration page settings
  • Enter these Links in the Redirect Url Section of  the QuickBooks panelRedirect Url keys
  • Go to Setup|Sites| Create a SiteSite url
  • Extend the Site UrlExtend Url
  • Paste the Site Url in the Webhook Section of QuickBooks Part.Quickbook weebhooks
  • Copy the Token and Paste into the Salesforce Org


  • Enter the token
  • Click on Connect to QuickBooks to establish the connection between QuickBooks and Salesforce Connect to quickbooks settings


  • Click On Setting Panel for Configuration and SetupConfiguration and setup settings.Object Settings
  • By going through the Field Mapping you can map the standard fields of QuickBooks to the Salesforce end with the compatible data type.

 Note: You can reset the Field Mapping once you deleted the mapped Fields.Field Mapping settings

  • In Field Mapping Section you can map the  Custom Fields of QuickBooks to the Salesforce FieldsCustom Field mapping
  • In Record Type Mapping you can set the Record Type according to your Criteria.Record Type Settings
  • You can set Matching Criteria to prevent duplicate records to be created in Salesforce. you can match the records from both the platforms based on different fields and the records will only sync if the values in these fields match. For example- If the matching criteria is set with the Email field, if the email field matches for the records on both the platforms, it will sync those records. If the email is not already existing, it will create a new record in Salesforce.

Matching criteria in salesforce

Synchronization Process

  • Sync Customers:  Click on Sync option to start exporting data from QuickBooks as shown below.Sync customers settingsFilter Criteria settings
  • Sync Product & Services: Click on Sync option to start exporting data from QuickBooks as shown below.Products and services settingsproduct and services display view
  • Sync Estimate: Click on Sync option to start exporting data from QuickBooks as shown below.Estimate settings
  • Sync Payment: Click on Sync option to start exporting  Payment data from QuickBooks as shown below.Payment Sync
  • Sync Invoice: Click on Sync option to start exporting data from QuickBooks as shown below.Invoice Sync


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