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This app is a weather exhibit application that unveil weather of default selected city, Lead, Accounts, Contacts and Contracts in a very beautiful, manner. There is a multiple theme concept that can be managed by your need from the admin panel. Here weather of different cities can be pomped at user view page.

It manages the weather views of multiple cities on Salesforce sidebar .

Automatically show weather on leads,contacts, account and contract page.

Based on city of Leads, contacts, contracts and Account weather will be displayed

User can see forecast up to next 10days, based on settings

Available with various beautiful themes and configuration settings

Easily manageable. User can change settings accordingly

Customers Reviews

I really like the app. The customer service is great. I pointed out a display issue, and it was quickly resolved. This is exactly what my users wanted - an opportunity to see the local weather of leads they were calling.

- William Jesse Robertson

The basic application worked great. After I installed the application, I was really wanting to get it customized to show a 5 day forecast, due to my company scheduling customer 3-5 days in advance it would help make the decision to schedule or not. I worked with Webkul sales and developers and they were able to customize to app to my specifications. The customer service is amazing and they are a outstanding company to work with. Thank You Again Webkul, I am very Happy!!!

- Jonathan Wren

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