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Top features of App Cloud in Winter ’17 Release

Top features of App Cloud in Winter ’17 Release

Top features of App Cloud in Winter ’17 Release

In this blog we will acknowledge the top features of app cloud in winter ’17 release. This upcoming release will enhance the developing experience, by providing whole new features in Lightning.

Updated features of App:

The top features of app cloud in winter ’17 release include the following:

1) Lightning Navigation and Customization-

Now you can be more productive than ever with new Lightning Navigation and Customization. With the Navigation bar, App Launcher, in-app AppExchange experience, and Lightning apps, you can now customize each user’s experience and quickly find all your apps.

2) Lightning Mass Actions-
You can now save time by selecting multiple records from list views. Select multiple items at once from a list view in the Lightning experience.

3) Lightning Developer Experience-
Developers can build faster with a new set of standard Lightning components and powerful productivity features provided by the Lightning Data Service. Create new, modern user experiences more easily and faster than ever before.

4) Lightning Login
Passwords are a pain. Lightning Login allows you to log in with your mobile device. Just tap your username and provide your thumbprint for security and you’re in. No more typing long cryptic passwords.

Note : If you want to know about top features of Sales cloud in winter ’17 release visit the following link https://eshopsync.com/top-features-in-winter-17-release-of-sales-cloud

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