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The Beljanski Foundation

The Beljanski Foundation is using our Woocommerce Salesforce connector for the synchronization of woocommerce data to Salesforce along with the feature of Conditional Synchronization and Mapping.

The Beljanski Foundation is a non-profit organization. The overall mission of this foundation is to increase awareness of the scientific legacy of french-molecular biologist Mirko Beljanski and his achievement in the scientific and medical fields.

Webkul has customized the Conditional synchronization feature along with the multicurrency feature. The way they had trusted us was incredible. we would always be there to handle any kind of requirement.

Our contribution regarding the custom implementation for The Beljanski Foundation.

  • Implementation of the multi-currency feature
  • The functionality of mapping on Accounts and Contact with WordPress currency
  • Provided feature of Conditional Synchronization
  • Field mapping of Organisation and Household Account.

Default Specifications

As per the default functionality, we have the below-mentioned features available in the connector

  • Lightning features supported and provide you interactive design with a brilliant user interface.
  • Can process bulk data synchronization from WooCommerce to Salesforce and vice-versa.
  • Option to sync WooCommerce users as Business or Person account in Salesforce.
  • Option to enable or disable Real-Time synchronization of order and users from woocommerce to salesforce.
  • Manual Field Mapping features for Products, Users, and Orders.
  • Sync Product/Category image as an attachment to Salesforce.
  • Fully based on REST API using OAuth2.0 of Salesforce to providing easy, fast and secure set-up for the user

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