Elkhart Plastics, Inc. (Kong Coolers )


Elkhart Plastics, Inc. is using Shopify and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration along with special customization developed by Webkul for the process of marketing emails for their product KONG Cooler.

Elkhart Plastics, Inc., is a private American company that is one of the largest custom rotational molding companies in the United States. They create custom plastics in virtually every application imaginable, in lengths up to 160 inches, and an almost endless variety of shapes and thicknesses. From storage tanks to boat seating and agricultural applications to waste bins, Elkhart Plastics is trusted by companies throughout the country to provide a rotationally molded solution, custom-designed to meet their needs.

Kong Coolers is one of the top-rated products by Elkhart Plastics, Inc.., And they are using the Shopify platform for managing their online store. And as you know for every business, marketing activities are required to increase the incoming traffic and convert casual visitors into customers. So they are using Salesforce Marketing Cloud for managing all the customer touchpoints from all channels.

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And for the integration of Shopify and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, they are using a connector eShopSync
developed by Webkul. This connector is acting as a bridge between Shopify’s online store and their Salesforce Marketing Cloud. And this connector provides the power to retain more customers with a data-driven email marketing campaign which is the most important and required factor for them.

As they are using Shopify and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration, they were facing an issue in which, when their customer makes a purchase of KONG Coolers through Shopify, they’re given an option to check a box in which they can select they want to receive marketing emails or not. If they want, they start marketing with them. If not, they won’t.

But when they were moving their data to Salesforce Marketing Cloud they were not able to identify that which customers marked tick to receive mail and which not. Because the application was simply just dropping everyone in, without taking into consideration whether or not the customer opted-in.

So, their Marketing Manager Hilary Welter contacted Webkul and explained their problem to us. And they told us that in their Shopify order’s data there exists a field called “Accepts Marketing” and customers can mark either yes or no in that field and they just needed that field into Salesforce Marketing Cloud as well.

As, In Salesforce Marketing Cloud there does not exist any kind of feature, to resolve such kind of issue, but we tried our best to resolve their issue and after the discussion with the team, Webkul resolved their problem by providing them customization within two days, through which they can easily find out which customers marked tick for receiving emails through them and which not. We brought the “Customer Accepting Marketing emails” checkbox data into Salesforce Marketing Cloud as well.

Now, they can easily send marketing emails to only those customers who marked tick to receive emails through them. Before this, they were not legally able to send marketing content to each of their customers, as some of them were not marked tick to receive marketing emails through them.

And in this way, Webkul solved their problem by providing them great customization..!

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